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Devin Grayson wrote a mid-1990s ARSENAL miniseries. In the first issue, there is a flashback to when Roy Harper detoxed from heroin, a retelling of GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #86. There is some extra dialog.

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Jan. 19th, 2017 02:42 pm
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“For me, the issue has never been sexuality — crushes and lust and love come easily enough, and I’ve never cared what anyone else thought of my choices whether they were critical of the personality or gender of my chosen partner — it’s moving through the world with a particular set of gender expectations applied to me that’s always made me uncomfortable,” Grayson said. “It’s not that I’m a tomboy — I have a lot of very traditionally feminine traits and behaviors, but I also have several that are classically ascribed to males, and finding a way to make the world accept any kind of range or fluidity in your nature seems astonishingly difficult." -Devin Grayson

Trigger warning for sexual abuse and misogyny.

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Jan. 17th, 2017 08:55 pm
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“At some point in my teens, my dad walked in on me kissing a girl on the living room couch, and he called me downstairs for a ‘private discussion’ and seemed very upset, though I honestly had no idea why. He asked if we were ‘practicing,’ and I laughed and said something obnoxious like, ‘No, Dad, we’ve pretty much got it down,’ and I watched him just deflate. He had no idea what to say or do, and I think even realized that he wasn’t totally sure why he was mad. A few hours later he interrupted us again to yell at me about putting the cheese away wrong –not wrapping it up properly– and he was way more upset than one would need to be over refrigerator cheese etiquette, but eventually I learned how to wrap cheese up properly and he learned that it was just as uncomfortable for him when I kissed boys, so he might as well stay out of the whole thing." - Devin Grayson

Trigger warning for sexual abuse, misogyny, and homophobia.

16 of 48 pages after the cut.

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I thought I would post a few pages from NIGHTWING #115, where Nightwing (in his guise of Renegade) tried to teach Rose Wilson that, surprise surprise, Superman is a good guy.

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A little trivia bit: a while back DC had an event called "This issue: Batman dies" across the Bat-titles which basically amounted to villains fantasizing about killing the Dark Knight. The issue of Gotham Knights was told from the perspective of Victor Zsasz but the issue was pulled at the last minute because it was too gory. Recently the artist posted some of the pages on his Facebook here.

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At one point in 1999, Superman was on some sort of overprotective binge (I can't recall exactly why, some crisis or other he was guilt tripping over), and cameo-ing in every DC title they could cram him into...

This landed him smack bang in the middle of issue 2 of the new "Titans" comic, and as they were hardly up and running themselves, it was not the most comfortable meeting.

Something tells me that as this was an editorially mandated crossover and Devin Grayson making the best of it.

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Because the subject of Roy hitting on people or being bros with them reminded me of this.

Two and a half pages from Arsenal v1 #2, the '98 mini-series.

If it's been posted before, all my apologies.

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With the end of the current Titans run, this seems an apt moment to showcase one of my favourite Titans moments in a long time, it's from the JLA/Titans crossover "The Technis Imperative" and I just happened to have obtained the original art for the page in question.

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And after that tear-jerking little moment, an announcement to make UK based fans go SQUEEEE! Though they'll need to squeee patiently

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STOP PRESS - Those missing their Secret Six/Teen Titans art fix, The Cn have exciting news about Nicola Scott's next project, which answers another question about the new DCU

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From No Man's Land Vol. 1 TPB: 14 pages out of 198.

After weeks of running around as Batgirl II, Batman decides to confront Helena about her parade, and gives her the chance to sort of "audition" for the part.

(Continued from Part I, all book titles and issue numbers will be specified beneath the cut).

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This is an essay written by myself and [personal profile] whitesycamore. It was posted on fuckyeahjasontodd in two parts: part one and two. We have updated and added a few more elements and scenes to the essay.

This essay is heavily meta-textual and is a deconstruction and analysis of how Jason was painted as a character post-death (and resurrection). Obviously, Jason Todd can't literally be "blamed" for his own death by anyone, since as a fictional character he has no autonomy, and therefore cannot be guilty or innocent, blameless or deserving. Neither are we suggesting that anyone in the Bat-family canonically believes that Jason deserved to die. However, we will argue that a victim blaming attitude is pervasive in the way Jason's death was written about after the fact. Moreover, this victim blaming would not only be unjust in a real life context, it also requires the reader to ignore many vital plot details of A Death In The Family.

The death of Jason Todd is one of the most iconic moments in Batman's history. The loss of his young partner is one of the greatest tragedies of Bruce Wayne's life, considered about as great as the deaths of his own parents when they were gunned down in front of him.
Following Jason's death, the Dark Knight is tormented by his own failure to prevent it, and during the years afterwards, Jason was most frequently alluded to in the context of Bruce struggling with this guilt.
However, Jason's death is also often described as the inevitable result of his own reckless and disobedient nature. Sometimes this goes even further, and Jason is implied to -- and readers are meant to assume -- that he was responsible for, or even deserving of his own fate.

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In a comment regarding Tim's first visit to Hong Kong, I said how in NIGHTWING #99, Dick Grayson said how Jason Todd did not know what he was doing, and Tim Drake wonders if it is even *worth* doing. Here are the panels.

Some context after the cut. It's the end of War Games and (nearly) the entire Bat-family has left Gotham City.

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This, believe it or not, is me posting an entry for One Perfect Moment from the pen of Devin Grayson!

Now, my dislike for her general work is well known here, but credit where it is due, I have always said that she is capable of doing very nice vignettes, little character beat moments that ring very true and are great fun.

In this moment from Nightwing 86, Dick has been out daredeviling on his new souped up motorbike, and in the course of taking out a motorcycle gang, has managed to reopen an injury AGAIN. Babs, who Dick is now living with a lot of the time, decides that she's had enough of dealing with his careless approach to his own health and, basically, tattles to his Dad about his behaviour.

For most characters that would be a perfect moment in and of itself, but since it's Alfred, it's standard operating procedure.... However that's not what I'm posting this for.

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