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Devin Grayson wrote a mid-1990s ARSENAL miniseries. In the first issue, there is a flashback to when Roy Harper detoxed from heroin, a retelling of GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #86. There is some extra dialog.

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Story by James Robinson, layouts by David Mack, finishes by Rick Mays.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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Because the subject of Roy hitting on people or being bros with them reminded me of this.

Two and a half pages from Arsenal v1 #2, the '98 mini-series.

If it's been posted before, all my apologies.

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Today is young adult comics, right?

Does that include Spider-man loves Mary-Jane? (incidentally, my girlfriend has enjoyed the Mary Jane digests)
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And that's when I started buying Spider-man loves Mary Jane. My Comic Book Guy even asked me if I was sure that that was the book that I wanted.
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A montage featuring Zee's love life in general from Zatanna: Everyday Magic and a very sad scene between her and Bruce in Superman/Batman #61. This post was inspired by [ profile] thebigapricot's earlier post, which was inspired by my earlier post, which in turn was inspired by my even earlier Zee post, which was inspired by whoever requested it. Overkill, yes? On the other hand, Zee clearly rocks and now you all know it.

recommended tags: char: zatanna zatara, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: paul dini, creator: francis manapul, creator: michael green, creator: mike johnson, creator: rick mays
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I was cleaning out my Photobucket account the other day and discovered a few pages from an old issue of Gen-13. I posted them to the old s_d, where they were reasonably popular.

This is Rick Mays on art and Adam Warren on words, from the old run of Gen-13, two volumes ago and right before Warren blew up the team.

Incidentally, I've also read Empowered #5 recently. I should like to propose an Adam Warren week. Anyone down for that?

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The Arsenal mini-series ran from October 1998 to January 1999 and was written by Devin Grayson with some pretty bad art by Rick Mays. It features Roy Harper aka Speedy aka Arsenal aka Red Arrow and his Issues. And boy, does he have a lot of them, from "Green Arrow never raised me right" (Ollie had died 3 years earlier in our time, more recently in comics time) to "I used to be a drug addict" to "I don't know where I belong!" and the most important one "I can't find a good babysitter!"


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