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Following up on my previous post on Kaguya-sama I've binged the whole thing. And would like to share one of the moments where the barriers go down, and there's no mind games... just real talk. Student Council President Miyuki Shirogane takes the others out to the roof to watch the stars, and as astronomy is his passion he gets so wrapped up talking with Kaguya that his barriers come down. The topic soon turns to the lunar legend for which Kaguya is named (which for the sake of convenience I will put a short summary video of behind the cut).

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Posting a bit from three chapters of the first volume of Kaguya-Sama, Love is War a series I just got into cause of the currently airing anime adaptation. This is a romantic comedy, but if you think that's not the most serious business in the world, I have one thing to say to you...

Today we will show the profile of the school, and a preamble on our combatants before moving onto our battlefields, a movie theatre and the insidious mind game, twenty-questions.

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Horimiya Volume 1 Cover

I stumbled about Horimiya due to a random comment on youtube (regarding Manga and themes in them that need an Anime adaption). It took only a few pages to have me fall in love with both the stories and the characters presented in it and even after 78 chapters I still love it and cannot wait for the next chapters.
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POP-BREAK: There’s a lot of subterfuge in that first issue–even for the reader–and the characters are sort of play-acting in the world. Is the other part of it about hiding their relationships and navigating that?

KATE LETH: Yeah, it’s a fun and upbeat comic, but there the note that I want to hit–outside of it being kind of joke-y and fun and silly and sexy–is the reasons that people do hide their relationships. So, there’s a little bit of serious stuff behind that. But yeah, that’s definitely part of it.

POP-BREAK: How important was it to you to have a diverse cast?

KATE LETH: Oh, super important. Right from the start, when [artist] Arielle [Jovellanos] and I talked about the series, that was one of the first things we talked about. I wanted to have a queer romance in the story–and Arielle is an artist of color–so we really wanted it to have a diverse cast of characters.

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"Fresh Romance is a monthly digital romance comics magazine from Rosy Press (rosypress.com) — the whole thing is the brainchild of brilliant editor Janelle Asselin, and since romance and comics are two of the things I love most in life, I was thrilled when she asked me to be part of it! Every issue has three ongoing stories and a bunch of other goodies, like advice columns and fashion reports. It’s similar to old school romance comics in that love stuff — blushing and kissing and feelings — is positioned front and center. I think it differs in that the stories span a wide range of sub-genres (historical, high school, supernatural) and star a diverse range of protagonists. As an Asian American lady, I don’t see myself a lot as a protagonist in the romances I enjoy, so featuring a diverse crew of characters was very important to me.

My story, “The Ruby Equation”, is a supernatural romantic comedy about Ruby, a grouchy barista matchmaker from another dimension. Her mission is to help humans find love…but she’s really, really bad at it."

- Sarah Kuhn

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Hi folks!

This Jump Start is a little unusual in that it's a shoujo title. Sadly, there is no online Shojo Beat magazine, so when Viz wanted to showcase "Boys Over Flowers Season 2", it had to be in their boys' manga anthology.

I have not actually read Hana Yori Dango ("Boys Over Flowers"), so this synopsis of the original series will be brief: Eitoku Academy is a private high school for rich kids, which is ruled by four obnoxious jerks who call themselves "The Flower Four" or "F4" for short. Their wealthy parents have paid off the school administration to make them immune to punishment, so they are free to bully anyone they please and make the student body go along with it.

That is, until scholarship student Tsukushi Makino finally defies the F4 when they attack her friend, and finds herself the target. She refuses to let them intimidate her, and her stubborness eventually mitigates their jerkitude, especially when their leader Tsukasa Domyoji falls in love with Tsukushi.

We pick up the story a couple of years after the previous cast graduated...21 pages of 65.

The title is a pun in Japanese; there's a saying that 'dango' (sweets) are better than 'hana' (flowers) from a girl's point of view, but 'dango' can also mean 'young men.' )

Your thoughts and comments?
Check out my shoujo manga reviews here: http://www.skjam.com/tag/shoujo/

And in other news, I give my icebreaker speech at Toastmasters tomorrow night!
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Mates was a pop and romance comic aimed at teenage girls. These scans are from the 1977 annual. Yes, it’s Romance of the Week starring Linda Wright and Mark Ronson (who looks almost as good irl as he does after having time travelled backwards into this comic!!1!!). The art is, understandably, not signed. Presumably the artist was too ashamed and merely slunk away to try cashing his pay cheque before the art editor demanded their money back.

Linda Wright, wearing a small and see-through baby doll nightie, is watching Mark Ronson on telly presenting a programme called Romance of the Week.

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Hi folks!

Mitsuru Adachi is a manga artist best known for sports romance stories, often with a certain amount of tragic circumstances involved. The one that is available in English is Cross Game, in which the protagonist's love interest in the first volume drowns, and in addition to becoming a baseball star, he must struggle with moving on from her. In 1999, however, Animerica Extra ran some of his one chapter stories under the umbrella title "Short Program."

The cover image has nothing to do with the actual story in this issue, "Change." 13 pages of 40 (at one point the characters even mention it's a forty page story; Adachi has a habit of breaking the fourth wall for gags.) Up front I should mention there's some problematic violence, and gender role stuff that may be displeasing.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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So there's this comic called "Love and Capes." It's about a Superman-like superhero named Crusader, named Mark Spencer, who falls in love with and eventually marries a bookstore owner named Abby. Recently, Abby became pregnant, and this miniseries covers the events during that period.

Some pregnancies are just weirder than others.

Four Pages from 'What to Expect' #5 )

Your thoughts and comments?
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From the vaults of 1950s romance comic First Love Illustrated, comes this little tale that manages to fill the same kind of PSA/exploitation niche inhabited by the likes of Reefer Madness (pot makes you murderous!) while still attempting to round it off with a pat happy ending!

Trigger warning for sexism, and 1950s values.
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"I knew all about men... because I'd studied every textbook and thesis on the subject! But one day a rebellious student trapped me wit a real, live man...and nothing in those textbooks could show me how to keep from falling in love with the perfect example of the undesirable male!"

Undesirable Male! )Here some links for when my Photobucket is down.

"Undesirable male" - 01 // 02 // 03  //04 // 05 //06  // 07 and the Short - He's My Boss!

Here is the first story from #1, " Campus Loves's "Love's Victory." And if you are still in the mood for 1950s romance (and delicious Matt Baker art), check out  Pictorial Romances #17 (and #9)

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Well, fellow scans_daily members, you have voted. In accordance with the wishes of the majority, I will now post an unusual 1953 story (not 1948 story as I originally thought - I really should check the dates beforehand)  where a 16-year-old girl marries a 19-year-old guy, sleeps with him, has second thoughts about the whole marriage thing and runs off to enlist in the army when her brush with marriage becomes fodder for town gossip. And that's just the first three pages.

Teen-AgeTemptations 03 - Without a Conscience - Header

Some historical background )

And now, with the background out of the way, lets get on with the show.

The following story originally appeared in Teen-Age Temptation #3. Writing by Dana Dutch, art by Matt Baker (which, interestingly, means that the story had an all-minority creative team).

In which an underage girl ultimately makes a surprisingly mature decision and has a love interest who isn't a sexist jerk (8 pages under the cut) )

And, as a bonus - Some 1940s jokes )

Tune in next time as we delve behind the meme and take a look at the totally heterosexual adventures of Toni Gay and her boyfriend, Butch Dykeman.


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