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"Vampires weren’t scary anymore. Dracula has become a joke, on TV vampires date teenage girls and we have breakfast cereals named after vampires. When Anne Rice 'humanised' vampires she was pulling vampires from B-movies and making them sophisticated creatures with feelings and emotions. That was new then. It revolutionized vampires.

Unfortunately it also tamed them. Rice made us want to be vampires. I wanted to make them scary again. It really was just that simple. The vampires in 30 Days of Night could care less about seducing you. They want your blood and all the begging and praying in the world won’t stop them." -- Steve Niles

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"Steve Niles, the writer of 30 Days of Night, gave me the description. He wanted the vampires to be eating machines. In the comic books we fleshed them out a bit more over time and gave them more back history, but in the initial story they were treated as a force of nature.

I was vaguely scientific about that initial description and one of the best eating machines on the planet is the shark. That is why they have shark-like teeth for eating the meat. They eat everything. These guys are primal; visceral. The old vampire legends were not about delicate, emo people. They were quite savage and nasty so I made our vampires savage and nasty. They also have black nocturnal eyes so they can function in the dark and I gave them quite long claws as well. They are half classic and half primal animal. I don't do any of the more romanticised, emo, frilly shirt types. Vampires are the Star Trek of the horror genre. They have just been done in so many ways." -- Ben Templesmith

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"Ben [Templesmith] and I agreed when we started we wanted different vampires. My first description I wrote called them 'Land Sharks' and Ben took that and ran with it. He made them vicious and stylish at the same time without making them look like they shopped at Hot Topic. I think Ben’s art is what made the comic really stand out. To me, he set the bar for what a horror comic should look like." -- Steve Niles

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Writer: Anthony Johnson
Artist: Ben Templesmith

Well folks, it's October... so it's time to look at some horror comics! In particular, let's start the month off with a comic book story set within the universe of Dead Space!

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