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I've been meaning to post a little more Common Grounds for a while... the series which revolves around a chain of coffee shops where heroes, villains and those in the grey areas in between can meet on neutral territory for a coffee, a danish, whatever, and as is so often the case, where there's no punching or blasting, the strangest and most fascinating stories can be heard.

it came to down this story, or the one with the observant Orthodox chap whose ability to destroy molecular bonds with his hands led to the papers dubbing him, rather crassly, as "The Acidic Jew"... but whilst that is a lovely story about the repsonsibility of superpowers, I opted for this one, an homage to times past....

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This was brought up numerous times in the previous Amazing Spider-Man thread, so I decided to post it once and for all. In my opinion, it's one of the better Chameleon stories out there. Not surprisingly, Marvel has all but forgotten it.

On a related note, this was the first Spidey story written by Paul Jenkins. He would later become the writer for Peter Parker Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man.


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