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It was nice writing Galactus again, too. I like where Jason’s gone with him, but there was that moment I had to sort of let him go and bid him farewell, because my time with him is over, so it was slightly bittersweet too, in a nice way. I think I gave him a decent goodbye in the end. -- Al Ewing

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That splash page in Avengers #2 where they’re trying to have a meeting to discuss minutes and orders of business and the Hulk is just standing there in his underpants and Thor begs him to put some clothes on and they all just openly hate him -- that’s probably the birth of the Defenders in some ways. The idea that some super-people just don’t fit. So this ended up as a story of four totally different people essentially colliding with each other in a way that briefly looks like a team, if you squint, but it’s not. -- Al Ewing

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The issue picked up where the last'd left off, with the two parts of the mystery changing places.

The boy James-Michael Starling, having run away to his first home with his friend Dian, had vanished in a flash.

Dian, his adoptive caretakers, the Defenders Valkyrie and Hellcat, the Wasp (lending a Quinjet to the Defenders), and the summoned Moondragon were left with the body of Omega the Unknown.

The boy'd gone where the man was- he was now in the clutches of the mad Ruby Thursday and her Dibbuk.

She made to do to him what she was going to do to Omega.

Then one of the robots after the boy burst in on them.

Hellcat, Valkyrie, the Wasp, and Moondragon were outside that scene- they'd followed the robots.

They found the robot that'd found the boy, as it was going through a wall.

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The Foolkiller's efforts indirectly brought the former into the latter.

When he went to meet the Defenders, his friends Richard and Amber came along.

The two of them, after the Foolkiller's meeting, addressed the Defenders.

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"Surely the bad guys won’t win this? But they’re the heroes of their own story—and anything’s possible on Battleworld, True Believer!" -- Al Ewing

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