Oh, JMS.

Oct. 15th, 2013 03:59 pm
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"A one-off issue, just about anybody can do that. To have a four-to-six-issue series, you're better off than a one-shot. A one-shot shows you have a short attention span." - J. Michael Straczynski

Trigger warning for sexual assault.

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Sidekick #1

Aug. 8th, 2013 08:54 pm
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"Robin, Speedy, Bucky, Kid Flash, Rick Jones... they pissed me off. It's not just that they were an an obvious ploy to bring in young readers, it's also that at the age of thirteen I figured there was still time for me to grow up to be Batman or Green Arrow or someone like that. But the sidekicks were my own age and already doing stuff that I knew I could never do. Spandex-clas assassins of hope, every damned one of them.

So every month for the next twelve issues we are going to drive Flyboy deeper into madness and mayhem, darkness and depravity. We're going to do to him all the things mainstream comics writers stuck with sidekicks are told never to do to them."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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Firstly please excuse the quality of the scans, the comics themselves are 28 years old and have been much read! :)

So this is another of my "Accentuate the Positive" posts, a glimpse into the past at some story or concept I thought was well presented, to prevent me making another angry post about current comics (Though I'll still post about the good ones of those I find too of course)

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Following my recent Scarecrow posting, I mentioned this story, and was asked to post if I could. And I can, so I will.

It's from Detective Comics 835 and 836, the post OYL era, in the midst of the Paul Dini run on Detective. This story isn't by him though, it's a fill in two-parter by John Rozum, with art by the legendary Tom Mandrake and some seriously creative used of colour by Nathan Eyring.

It's also VERY cinematic, this was written and drawn like a damn good horror movie IMHO (Or possibly a "terror movie", I believe Boris Karloff used to distinguish the difference between the two; A "horror movie" may make you sick to your stomach, a "terror movie" makes you scared to go upstairs to your bedroom in the dark after watching it. I know what he means)

So draw the curtains, turn down the lights and welcome to the Scarecrow in a whole new light... the light of....

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First off, my Henchgirl--being the learned and brilliant fangirl that she is--was sick and tired of all the misinformation about Catwoman's Post-Crisis history and origins, partially due to the fact that most of those stories are out of print. So she pulled together a ton of canon through scans and factoids and created the definitive, complete origin timeline of Catwoman.

She managed to incorporate and reconcile events in canon from several different sources, creating a single cohesive narrative that works beautifully and makes perfect sense. It's a thing of beauty, and biased though I may be, I'm honestly in awe. If only more actual comic writers gave the character as much thought and care as fans like Henchgirl does.

She put a ton of work into this project, and it shows. Check it out. Leave feedback/love/cookies.

Now, onto the Two-Face-Ness!

So I've been thinking a lot about Doug Moench lately. Not just his dubious Two-Face stories, but also Black Mask and Circe. And it's not just because I've been planning to post today's story, Moench's first Two-Face tale which also features the return of Circe (Black Mask's ex-girlfriend, whom he scarred and took on as his own henchgirl).

I've been putting off this issue for a long time, as I generally consider it one of the worst Two-Face stories of all time. For one thing, Moench is trying to juggle five or six plots at play over four issues, so the resulting story is a mess. At least I'll be simplifying things here by just focusing on Harvey and Circe, who actually meet here.

Be warned: this story takes a sharp left turn into Cracksville, by way of Ridiculous Lane.

Masks, makeup, flesh, and scars, all behind the cut! )

So what really happened to Circe? Anybody know? I'm thinking of making a whole profile page about her for ComicVine, because really, who the hell else will?

Moench would go on to write Harvey several more times, several of which are infamous (to those of us who care) as being among the very worst Two-Face stories. But perhaps memory is being too harsh. When I review them here and/or at my fanblog, I'll do my best to give them a fair shake. Yes, even with The Face Schism. *shudder*
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If there's one classic* Batman villain I've come to hate over the past ten years, it's Black Mask.

Thanks to his prominent roles in War Games, he dominated the Bat-books for a couple years, getting big parts in Nightwing, Catwoman, and Under the Hood, thus also appearing in the last one's DVD adaptation, as well as Teh Batman. So I really shouldn't be surprised that this one-dimensional, nasty, pointless, generic, hollow non-character actually has fans. Not surprised, but disappointed.

But why? How the hell did this character become a thing, while better gangster-style villains (the Penguin, Harvey, the Ventriloquist and Scarface) got shoved to the side?

So, as I was already writing about a related Two-Face story from 1985, I decided to check out the original Black Mask appearances by Doug Moench. What I was surprised to discover was that Moench's original Mask in no way, shape, or form resembles the version which DC rose to prominence a few years ago.

I'm not saying he's a good character, mind you. But he's a far more interesting (and cracktacular) character. Hell, just look at the cover blurb:

So yes, prepare for the ultra-modern Batman villain who makes all the other villains look like CRAP! At least, according to Doug Moench.

Push it to the limit (LIMIIIIIIIT) behind the cut )

When Selina killed Roman a second time, I reacted with a weary "finally." But now, after reading Moench's originally stories, I feel disappointed for Ed Brubaker and subsequent writers for wasting what little potential there was for this character, and further distaste for anyone who actually likes the skull-faced version of Black Mask.

Finally, a question: anyone else think that Jeph Loeb ripped off Black Mask when he created Hush? Really, everything that Loeb tried to say with Tommy Elliot, I feel like Moench already said better with Roman Sionis. Just another little way that Moench's original creation has been swept under the rug by DC.

*I hate Hush and Dr. Hurt more, but they ain't "classic" just yet.
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In the 853rd century, humanity has colonized every planet in the solar system. Life exists on Mars once more.

So what happened to the last survivor of the planet's previous residents? A time-traveling Kyle Rayner learns the fate of a certain green Alien Ace.

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An important aspect of the Martian Manhunter's history is that as a shapeshifter, he has used many alter egos over the years. This is explored in Martian Manhunter #17. J'onn may seem like one of Earth's lesser-known heroes, but he's is a lot more famous in the DCU than people think if you factor in his other identities

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When it comes to the JLA's 'Big 7'(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter), being the heavy hitters of the DCU most readers will at least have have a general idea of their origins. All except J'onn. It doesn't help that he has no iconic origin tale like Batman's Year One, Superman's Man of Steel, Flash's Born to Run , Green Lantern's Emerald Dawn and so on.

So I go to Martian Manhunter v2 #0, which recaps his old Silver Age origin with a few modifications. We start with a typical day at the JLA Watchtower )
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My last couple of posts have dealt with moral issues regarding the world of superheroes, so on a lighter vein, I return to the Martian Manhunter series for a couple of (unintentionally) humorous moments.

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Most people seem to forget than not only is the Martian Manhunter one of Earth's most powerful heroes, he's also one of the oldest. Biologically as well as chronologically J'onn is thousands of years old, and has met pretty much every major hero in the DCU at some point or another. This was briefly explored in the Revelations arc from issue 20 to 23 of his series, written by John Ostrander.

In #20 we learn that J'onn was in the area when a certain rocket crashed on a Kansas farm, decades ago.Read more... )
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A little under seven pages from The Spectre #0...

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creator: john ostrander, creator: tom mandrake, publisher: dc comics, title: the spectre, char: spectre
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Harbinger/Lady Quark/Pariah are my favourite side-character trio, and I'm glad at least one issue addressed what they did after Crisis on Infinite Earths before they showed up again in War of the Gods. DC Comics Presents...#94 "Challenge of the Volt Lord!" is a great silly little issue in which Lady Quark gets a love interest, Harbinger laments not having a boyfriend, and Pariah gets taken to a night-club. A punk nightclub. Oh, and they're all BFFs with Superman, which is just marvellous.

Backstory: Whilst touring the Earth to find out more about our weird ways and update the Monitor's Tapes, Harbinger, Lady Quark and Pariah arrive in Metropolis to find out more about new heroes emerging such as Booster Gold (sadly not featured). During a television interview with Clark Kent, Lady Quark meets the ~mysterious~ and ~handsome~ Eric Courtney, with whom she begins a relationship. Meanwhile, Superman is having trouble with a new villain, who calls himself Lord Volt and wants to take over the world for some reason or other they didn't really need reasons back then did they.

Oh, and Superman hugs a puppy.

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Regarding page count - the issue is 24 pages without advertisements etc. included, so I make one third of that eight pages. This post features six full pages, and then lots of little panels that together add up to a further two pages. (One 2/3s of a page, and four 1/3s of a page). That's eight altogether. :3

Suggested Tags: char: harbinger/lyla, char: lady quark/tashana, char: pariah/kell mossa, char: superman/clark kent, creator: tom mandrake, publisher: dc comics
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Greetings True Believers! Well, I'm still trying to get a Punisher Week started, come on people! Show Frank some love!

In keeping with the theme of the week, I'm going scans of Frank interacting with a liberal social worker named Jen. It's from the story arc, "Hidden" in the trade paperback, "Full Auto"

There is some interesting interaction between Frank and a normal person in the Marvel MU.

Jen is helping the homeless when she and a friend go underground to investigate some rumors. A certain vigilante is also in the tunnels that day.....

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I'm not gonna try to showcase the story here since I want to do a post on Kelly Jones' Oracle story instead (prolly tomorrow!) and wouldn't have many pages to spare, but there were a couple interesting points I wanted to share.

(and i'm sure i'll do a full post on this story once INAtA gets that far, but that won't be any time soon. months, maybe years!)


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