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One page where Squire and Batgirl compare notes and their roles within their respective clans.

Toh-may-toe, toy-mah-tao  )
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Really? Nobody's posted anything substantial from Birds of Prey 11 yet? Just the bits and pieces of continuity dovetailing with Batgirl?

Well. Let's fix that, shall we? 3 pages of Huntress and Catman doing some dovetailing of their own.

The setup: Huntress is chasing jewel thieves ("Of course there was a jewel heist. It's Gotham. And it's Thursday." ILU, Gail) who've shot a guard and taken a hostage - a severely asthmatic hostage with no inhaler who's a prime candidate for death by misadventure. She's slugging it out with one thug when Catman shows up, looking to revisit that, umm, whatever they had back in Birds of Prey v1 #106-107, I think? Hel maintains she's busy, so Catman agrees to help her hunt.

They find the second thug, and Catman loses points for hitting Rickie's pregnant girlfriend (in fairness, she was leaping at him claws-out at the time), but gains points for getting wounded while taking Rickie down and eliciting the name of a third thug; the fourth crew member, the client, none of them knew.

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2 and 2/3 pages from Batgirl #17, plus small preview image. My love for Steph/Damian team-ups continues to grow with this issue. Batgirl and Robin are investigating a series of kidnappings of upper-middle-class children (as opposed to Damian's 'child of the super-rich' class), and begin by trailing a group of schoolkids on a field trip to the museum. One of them has to go undercover and blend while the other serves as mission runner. Guess who's which, and how well it works out?

There's hope for him yet. )

Nifty, no?
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Really? Nobody's posted any more of Batgirl #13 than that one preview page we saw a while back? I know it was kinda fillerish, but it had a few cute bits. So let's have at them, shall we? Total of 4 pages, 3 whole, 2 halves.

Of quips and cliches and schoolgirl crushes )
Oh, and also: Have an icon!


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