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One Perfect Moment Week 2.0: Officially Open!

Drumroll please!

Following our earlier announcement, the mods would like to declare...

One Perfect Moment Week 2.0:


A quick reminder of the guidelines:

• It could be a single panel, it could be a scene, but the emphasis should be on a single "moment" from the same issue of a title.

• No fanfic, it has to be canon from a published title.

• It can be a hero, villain, supporting character or whatever. They've all had magnificent moments.

• The theme week is not limited to superhero comics. Post anything you like, as long as it's that perfect moment.

• And of course, we can have multiple moments for the same character.

Go to it!

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New banner. nice
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Might we add an encouragement to include the "series: one perfect moment week" tag as I notice a few contributors who might not be aware that we have one.