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A page from Blackest Night - OMG

They... they... ohmigod...they

From One black and white page from Blackest Night preview


1. They are turning the Anti-Monitor into the Black Rings

2. The black hand is licking a juicy skull. ....whispering sweet nothings

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I remember Daniel, but the only story I saw him in after the end of Sandman was the one where some of the JLA go into the dreaming to help take out Starro. I never saw the JSA one.

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I told this guy at work that, but he's one of the "ZOMG COMICS IS TOTALLY SERIOUS SERIOUS BUSINESS GUYS" types.

"Man, wouldn't it be great if Death showed up and started fucking shit up?"

And then he started ranting about how Gaiman!Death does not fuck things up and about how I "missed the point of fandom."


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And Geoff Johns approved, apparently. (See the comments.)

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*nods* I knew fer shur Talia did the Mother of Champions thing, but I feared I might be combining the two plots in my head.

Since they didn't put J'onn there, I'd say it's already forgotten. Bruce didn't really leave any remains if Final Crisis was his actual death, did he?

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Wow. Blackhand sure has moved up in unlife. Remember when he used to be a joke character?

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"the point of fandom"?

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*nods* The Wiki page I linked to has a list of his appearances. He's probably the only Sandman character allowed to go into standard DC continuity now.

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Dream showed up in cameo in Green Arrow: Quiver. It was actually pretty cool and plot relevant.

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See exhibit A: The charred Bat-corpse (

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Well, there was that skeleton in a bat-suit that Superman was morning over, so...
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I know, has he seen comics fandom? The constant "who would win in a fight" shit drives me up the wall when it actually leaks into canon, but it's kind of a big part of the fandom.

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Personally I hope nothing Vertigo gets involved with this. There's a good reason why. Because Vertigo was largely good and the current DC is largely excrement.

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I'm sure Death has a policy for zombies. After all, this can't be the first instance of zombies in the DCU.

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Speak for yourself. GL, Superman, WW, Trinity... they've all been consistently awesome.

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That's a +lot+ of rings.

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Yeah, you could probably harvest some DNA outta that. Hence Terry, I guess.

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I had a mental picture of him crumbling to dust, but I probably had him confused with Barry in COIE. It's late here. :-)

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I need to use that phrase more often.

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Wha? That JLU episode didn't happen. *sticks fingers in ears* la lal la, can't hear you.

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He pulled a Booster? SHUT UP IT COULD HAPPEN

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HAHAHAHA YES! Oh, that is the perfect excuse for a Batman Beyond alternate universe!

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Well, there are a lot of dead people. Kyle's exes alone could fill up a sector.

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Yeah. But he seems to have been kinda powered up by Spectre/Parallax/Hal. Considering Parallax, he probably saw this coming. Which means we can sort of blame it on the Spectre, for probably knowing about it and going through with his stupid plan, and Hal, for being the pawn that let all this go in motion.

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Yeah. This kind of detailed inking style isn't really very compatible with modern coloring techniques.

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