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Geoff Johns:"Darkseid is almost an idea. We want to elevate him in that way. He's not a guy to me who runs around and smashes walls and gets in giant fights. He's very strategic and very restrained. If he lifts a finger, a city is destroyed. He's just ultra-powerful, both physically and psychologically. So the way we're playing Darkseid is that he's very methodical and very confident. He's sure of himself in what he believes is the right state of existence for everything and every being. It's all about him and his will. We'll play with that a lot.

And then with Anti-Monitor, you'll see in the prologue in issue #40 that we'll start to peel back some layers on who he is. It's a very different take, and he's different than what you see on the surface. He looks like a universe-eater -- this big force of anti-matter that's very bombastic. But there's actually a lot more to the character than that. We're playing into that idea, and there will be this clash of ideals between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid that will take this much deeper than a simple revenge story or a simple "Let's destroy the universe" story. They both have very personal goals and very personal stakes in this war, and they'll do anything to achieve them."


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recently posted about an interesting story beat that showed up in JSA All-stars #17 so I decided to grab the issue to see more.

So here's some more story, rather interesting story at that....

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