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Suggestion Box

Welcome to Scans Daily's official Suggestion Box. If you've got a question, concern or suggestion about Scans Daily, here's where you can post it.

This post will be linked to in our profile, and checked regularly by the mods. Comments won't be screened, so you can suggest amongst yourselves.

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Much love to the icon.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about people being discouraged from expressing their negative feelings very strongly here. Too much hating and complaining can turn a place sour, but sharing your strong feelings, both positive and negative, are an important part of reacting to art--but I wholly agree with this part of the statement: "I would like to see scans_daily become more of a constructive celebration of comics."

I guess I just see some bitching as being constructive, in a roundabout sort of way. This isn't a concrit community for creators--it's a social space for readers.

It would be nice, I suppose, if, when expressing intense dislike of a work or a creator, people were encouraged to lean on the side of articulating what makes them feel that way.

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I'd be happy if we just do away with the slew of "Look how stupid Dan Didio is!" posts we've been getting lately, with a block of angry text and one tiny cover for legality.

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That is a position I can endorse whole-heartedly!

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Seriously, we need to discourage posts that are made only to complain about something.