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30 Days of Winter: Day 22- Lesser Known Comics, Prince of Heroes

Lesser known comics day! Just what I was waiting for :)

I'm going to tell you about Rod Espinosa's Prince of Heroes.

Prince of Heroes is a space-opera setting full of aliens and a variety of types of humans, the most notable of which are the Darem. The Darem were genetically engineered and are stronger, tougher, longer lived, etc., though at the cost of being unable to repair some complex injury and replacing themselves slowly. The Darem are the greatest warriors in the universe, able to wield the greatest weapons known to exist, and many half-Darem hold strange powers.

The Darem are a great power, but on the decline, their numbers depleted by long wars, and now they stand against an invasion from an outside source that most of the non-Darem inner governments dismiss.

The main character, Ronen, is a clanless Darem from a frontier world, who finds himself in wider space for the first time when he's force to leave his world.

And in chapter two, they get attacked by space pirates!

Now enough with the talking, you probably want to actually see the comic, so I'll show you some pages of one of the strongest Darem, Azheara Rai, who also happens to just ooze style:

Yes, she's about to swordfight a spaceship with a sword :)

Alas, volumes come out slowly because Rod has to spend his time on other work, but you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier comic you've never heard of.

2 pages from The Prince of Heroes chapter 2, published by Antarctic Press

If you want to see more of Rod Espinosa's style, check out the Neotopia series of posts here that show off one of his prior big works.