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Feb. 10th, 2019 02:06 pm
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This is a currently ongoing miniseries that's halfway done but the release dates are fairly irregular (with the first issue out in 2017) so it might be awhile before it's finished. There's more info regarding the current status of updates from the artist/writer Doug Hutchison here.

for gore.

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Ok, the other day we had Time Lincoln vs Trump book from Antarctic Press, and people were, well, less than impressed.

Now, Antarctic Press is actually one of my fav small publishers, but that sounds odd after the last one, right?

Ah, but let me show you some of their other fair! Including, from a women-creator anthology series Anya that just started, the story Grocery Quest!

From Arya #1 )

Grocery Quest part 1 is by Sofia Dauila is in Arya #1, and it shares the book with another story, Adventure Quest XXI. It's by Antarctic Press and it's a recent release, so I recommend checking it out!

*Edit* Arya, not Anya
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It is the aftermath of the Second Robotech War, Earth's government is in shambles and the Robotech Masters and their Tirolian clones are in dissaray with their command ship destroyed. The 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps responds to a city underseige by Robotech Masters. They soon find themselves vastly outnumbered.


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Now, everyone knows the story of the Jed- er, I mean Quantum Dragoons, and their rebellion against the Empir- ... er, Hegemonic Order, but do you know how the Dragoons first learned their fantastic powers?

It all began with a teacher named Yodel...

Steam Wars asks-what if Yoda was a small black girl? )

From Steam Wars: First Empire #1 by Fred Perry
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My contribution to this community event is, unsurprisingly, from Fred Perry's Gold Digger.

More surprisingly, my contribution is a dragon!

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Apartment renting. If you're lucky, you get to rent from a reasonable owner and share a building with people and animals who are halfway civilized. If you're not so lucky...you might just be New Yorkers Jane and Stephen from Alex Robinson's graphic novel Box Office Poison (Antarctic Press, 1996-2000; collected ed. Top Shelf, 2002). One page from Issue 4 (Mar 1997); eight pages from Issue 8 (Feb 1998).

Trigger warning for misogynistic slurs.

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One of the great artists over at Antarctic Press, Rod Espinosa, last year put out a one-shot story called 'Steampunk Snow White' as part of AP's 'steampunk' line.

But really, 'Steampunk Snow White' is a bit of a misnomer.

No, it should be called 'Steampunk Wuxia Snow White,' for her Kung Fu is superior!

Steampunk and Martial Arts within! )

6 pages from Steampunk Snow White by Rod Espinosa.
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My other favorite old Fred Perry's Gold Digger post!

Below are scans from possibly my favorite one-issue Gold Digger story, GD59, focusing on Charlie the Harpy... and Charlie the Harpy, and Charlie the Harpy :)

The story of Professor C and Charles )
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One of my first-and-fav Gold Digger posts, brought back for you!

This is a post about one of my favorite minor characters from the comic Gold Digger, Agent M, a hero who used to be Superman.

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Read some pages in the latest GD that I though would be fun to share!

Brianna's helping defend a Dryad's forest and it's intelligent animals from some rampaging monsters, when big sis shows up...

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