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My contribution to this community event is, unsurprisingly, from Fred Perry's Gold Digger.

More surprisingly, my contribution is a dragon!

Queen Debra behind cut )
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My other favorite old Fred Perry's Gold Digger post!

Below are scans from possibly my favorite one-issue Gold Digger story, GD59, focusing on Charlie the Harpy... and Charlie the Harpy, and Charlie the Harpy :)

The story of Professor C and Charles )
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One of my first-and-fav Gold Digger posts, brought back for you!

This is a post about one of my favorite minor characters from the comic Gold Digger, Agent M, a hero who used to be Superman.

Time for a Miracle )
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Read some pages in the latest GD that I though would be fun to share!

Brianna's helping defend a Dryad's forest and it's intelligent animals from some rampaging monsters, when big sis shows up...

Pages behind cut )
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Gold Digger 200 is out!

It's a fun issue meant to be a jumping-on point for new reads.

And do you know what that means?


And, AND! Before you stop there, the Gold Digger issue library has been updated to add every issue of the main series before it, all 199 of them, for free!
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Do you know what's nice? 200 issue milestones!

Do you know what else is nice? 190+ issue free archives

Cool Gold Digger stuff behind cut )
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Tifanny, daughter of Werecheetah Brittany Diggers, is out with her best friend, Charlotte the Harpy, on a peanut run. Kinda addicted to them, bird DNA and all, but what're you gonna do?

All seems normal and safe for the intrepid duo, but then....

Then Disaster Strikes! )
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I wanted to give the DC relaunch a chance.  I really did.  But between the silly costumes, the gratuitous violence, the demeaning character portrayals, and (in my opinion) some pretty mediocre storytelling choices, I think I have to give it a pass.

(Marvel isn't much better, but that's a rant for another day).

I'm not giving up on comics, however.  There are three titles out there that I follow religiously:

The first is GOLD DIGGER.  One man writing and drawing the book, without any fill-ins for 20 years.  And while it may look like a cheesecake book at first glance, consider that the three major protagonists are all female, and have been since the beginning.

The second?  ATOMIC ROBO.  Because they get it.  Comics are supposed to be fun.  And Robo is fun, without being childish or "wacky".

And the last is a book I discovered only recently, and have posted about before:

WITCH DOCTOR.  And, amusingly enough, these two panels from the  latest issue pretty much sum up my feelings about "mainstream" comics.

Cut for size... )
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From GD 120, Julia Diggers faces off against a villain weaponsmaster who's enchanted so she cannot hurt. Or rather, can, but every wound on him he'll transfer off to an innocent thrall, so hacking is almost worse than not fighting at all.

What follows is one of the coolest fights I've seen :)

Julia vs Serpentus: How to construct a load bearing villain )
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I have a lot of favs, Miss Martian, Wonder Woman, Cassandra Cain, but I gotta chose ones, so for my post I pick:

Brianna Diggers of Gold Digger!

Why Brianna is awesome behind cut )


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