Feb. 25th, 2013

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Do you know what's nice? 200 issue milestones!

Do you know what else is nice? 190+ issue free archives

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Hey guys,

I'm a longtime poster on here, going back to our Livejournal days. Admittedly, i don't post threads or even comments very often, but I'm sure some of you recognize me.

Anyway, I wanted to post today because my first novel, The City of Smoke and Mirrors, has recently been published by Pro Se Pulp Press. They specialize in pulp-style books, harkening back to the days of Doc Savage and The Shadow. To say this is a dream come true to me, to finally be a published author, would be an understatement. I'll let the book's star, Dilbert Pinkerton, tell you all about his first adventure in what I like call The Armadillo Mysteries:

The name's Dilbert Pinkerton, private detective. Friends call me Dill. I'm a mutant armadillo. I dig for the truth.

And the truth is I need to get out of the city, away from supernatural mobsters that want my carapace for a foot bath. So when some rich dame saunters into my Hovel Office with a job, I take it. Even if it's to retrieve a pearl necklace that's not hers. I'm desperate enough, I don't even care the job sends me to Nevermore Bay.

Yeah, Nevermore Bay: the city where some wacko in a mask hurdles across rooftops; calls himself The Buzzard. Criminals are scared pantsless of him. ‘Course, most people think he’s a myth created by the police department.

If you ask me, that’s a far more exciting mystery than some oyster’s cough drops. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone during this vacation. If, that is, I don’t get killed by the police, Don Komodo’s crew that’s on my tail, some of The Buzzard’s rogues gallery or The Buzzard, himself.

It's available at several locations, including most especially Amazon, which you can find here.

And for legality, not only will you find the book's amazing cover that was done by my friend Chris Shehan, but I'll also throw in a page from the original Mirage Studios Ninja Turtles comic. It should be no surprise that Dill's creation was inspired by Eastman and Laird's pizza loving heroes.

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You may have seen this image in the recent past...

The context is a bit different, of course, so you may just want to linger here for a while.

While there's no homophobia or abuse in the images I've selected, there is in the full story. 2 pages of 6 from 2000AD Prog 1817.

Judge Dredd is not a fan of the Suburbs. )

And that's the story.

Your thoughts and comments?


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