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Huntress and Arsenal. 1 page from outsiders volume 3 issue 12

I have a question about Huntress and Arsenal's one night stand so of course I turn to the lovely ladies and gents of scans_daily to hopefully find the answer.

The first I heard of it was in BoP: Dinah, Babs and Helena are meeting in a park to discuss whether or not they can work together as a team and the subject of Helena's one night stands with Dick and Roy comes up and Helena has the brilliant line 'Archers... they pull a mighty bow but they're quick to let fly'. Which of course pisses Dinah off royally and nearly ends the team before it even begins.

I went back and read the Outsiders issues where Helena takes Roy's place on the team while he recovers from being shot, thinking that would be where I could find the Huntress/Arsenal stuff (I'm a massive Huntress fan and I've been trying to track down and read pretty much everything she's been in because yes I am obsessive) but apart from the kiss at the end

there's not really any interaction between the two and certainly no sexy times going on between the pair.

So folks my question is this: is this the first time it's ever referenced or is does the Helena/Roy stuff happen in different issues to the ones I've been reading? 
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Here, a little something to make you feel more upbeat!
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Okay, that is the cutest.
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Yep, I was talking about the Rise of Arsenal one. Non-Bizarro Roy, still a cat corpse wielding druggie.

The only good part of that whole story was Dick channeling his inner Batman and kicking Roy in the face, whilst calmly declaring, "I'm your friend." Still unintentionally hilarious, but not headshakingly so.

Bizarro-Roy with a quiver full of dead cats was intentionally hilarious, which is much better.
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Okay, now I need to know the story behind that. What exactly was going on, aside from bizzaro antics?
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In the Supergirl issue, I think it was just a selection of Bizarro heroes appearing on a splash page, and Bizarro-Roy did indeed have a quiver that was filled, not with arrows, but with dead cats. I don't even remember if I've read the whole issue.

As for the Rise of Arsenal stuff, what happened? Bad things happened. Right the way through. Bad writing, bad art, bad characterization.