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Avengers 8 and 9

What happened after the Red Hulk crashed into Avengers Tower?

Avengers 8 (4 pages)
The Red Hulk relates how he's been living in Death Valley in secret, doing ops for Steve Rogers. (I found it unbelievable that some of the Avengers didn't know him. The guy appeared on live television announcing his takeover of the Unites States, for heaven's sake.) He describes how he was attacked by the guy with the red and yellow jewels.

That's a coloring mistake. Steve Rogers is standing next to Maria Hill.

Tony puts out the Illuminati signal. Everyone but Black Bolt shows up, and everyone is angry. They weren't supposed to meet anymore after the Hulk thing.

There is some exposition about the Infinity Gems and their thefts. Lockjaw teleports them to Inhumans old home in the Himalayas. They follow the trail of bodies into the underground. Medusa recognizes the broken shell the gem was kept in as the work of a dead Inhuman. They realize they have company up top.

Avengers 9 (4 pages)

The scenes with the Avengers are interspersed with the scenes of the Hood. He was moved to non-powered prison, got bodyguard protection, made friends with the only nonhuman he could find..who is an Inhuman who makes shells...and bribing a guard to get out of prison. (In the most recent Avengers Initiative, it's revealed that Hood was replaced by a lookalike.)

The 'preview', for some reason, shows the private conversation that came after these pages here.

The Red Hulk suggests splitting into teams to go after all the gems at once, and use their power against the mystery man. Because the gems are drawn together, the situation is already past the 'necessary sacrifice' stage.

Steve says after it's over, Tony is out. No more excuses. Thor encourages Tony to prove Steve wrong.

Meanwhile, the Hood visits Madame Masque, whose lawyer kept her out of prison. He heals her face.

Someone tell me what "And you decided to be Captain America!" means. I just don't get what Tony is trying to say.
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"Some time ago, the four of us decided to get together and do what we could to proactively prevent catastrophes from happening. It didn't work AT ALL."