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Lois Lane is surprisingly self-aware

For years Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, has yearned for her Boyfriend of Steel to propose to her-- yet when the fateful day comes, she refuses him! Why?

Because she knows he's a total dick, that's why.

Lois is so desperate for validation that she 'accidentally' activates Jimmy's signal watch just so she can see Superman that day. So after she and Jimmy report on a study on the power of hypnosis, Jimmy cooks up an Evil Plan to get Lois out of Superman's hair--once and for all!

Yes Jimmy, great plan: 'saving' Superman from Lois's girl-cooties by breaking and entering in order to rob Clark of his free will and trap two of your closest friends in a loveless marriage. If only you were cross-dressing to get your way into the apartment building, this would officially be your Greatest Plan Ever.

Also, I like how it never occurred to him to just go straight to the source and hypnotize Lois into giving up her lifelong career of zany schemes to land a super-husband. Because that would make too much sense.

Clark had to leave in a hurry to some assignment across town or something, so he totally missed Superman arriving and Jimmy telling him how he should finally crush Lois's heart into itty-bitty pieces so that, heartbroken, she'll settle for Clark in a pathetic attempt at recovering her self-worth.

...People sure are always eager to give Superman super-quantities of free stuff and let him do whatever he wants, aren't they?

Determined to win this round of their never-ending battle of wits, Lois tries again and again to trick Superman into giving up the chase and revealing it all for an elaborate hoax--to no avail. But at least she got to ogle some Silver Age Super-Abs while she did it.

Oh, Lois. Willing to put up with what she thinks is all a sadistic deception just to be with Superman for a day.

Well, Jimmy's incompetent scheming got them into this mess-- and only more incompetent scheming can get them out of it!

Welp, better luck next time, Lois!

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So, Superman could, at this point, juggle planets and yet he's having trouble holding a woman who weighs, at most, 180 ilbs? Huh.

Did you see the Superdickery episode of Batman BatB? It's pretty awesome. Totally sums up this era.
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Superman's greatest weakness is his heart, something Luthor wishes he could influence.
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Why you'd almost think he'd gotten pregnant with Kon just to trap Superman into marriage.
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What the espisode's name?

I must see it. :)
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Battle of the Superheroes!