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Trailer for The Avengers - first "real" one

We still don't know who the enemy is (my money on Skrulls), I don't believe it's Loki
I already ship Natasha/Loki
Steve has a gun, all is right with the world
Don't like how they just attached Hulk at the end - is he in the film for just 3 seconds?
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*Babble incoherently*


*Come to hours later*

*Wonder if the entire movie is just Tony Stark being an ass for two hours with 20 minutes of actual action*

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This reminds me--what did everyone hate about Iron Man 2? I thought it was just as good as the first one.

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I will give you the kiss with Pepper at the end--but that's mostly because I really don't like Gwenyth Paltrow and if they just completely replaced her with Natasha I would have been completely happy. But I think that they were setting up the romance since the first movie, and I suppose there could be interesting stuff for a sequel with Tony trying to be in a legit relationship.

The rest of what you mentioned I still kinda enjoyed. Cheadle, while not as tight with Tony as Terrance, delivered the gravatas a lot better, and I thought the two having the fight in the house was one of the highlights.
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I'm with you. I thought IM2 was just fine -- not as good as the first, but still good, certainly entertaining.

However, I do like Gwyneth Paltrow. ;-9

Re: +1

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To be fair to her, it might just because I thought Friends was the anti-thesis of comedy.

Re: +1

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...Huh. Mistook her for Lisa Kudrow. I dunno what it is, but they just literally look, sound, and act the same to me.
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Re: +1

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You just made me imagine Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion with Gwyneth Paltrow instead of Lisa Kudrow. I shudder to think of such an abomination.
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Likewise, I enjoyed it, though it could never recover from not being able to have Peter Cushing play Justin Hammer as the rich, slightly effette, yet thoroughly ruthless bastard, that he would have played so well. (And the way the comics had long drawn him)
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- Tony is dying subplot - meant nothing, went nowhere

Whoa, WHOA. Hang on there.

Yes, it was wiped away super fast with "Buy Us More Time" injection from SHIELD and then just magically cured by the newly discovered (apparently Vibranium) core Tony made (why did it also cure the current deposits of palladium in his system? PLOT CONTRIVANCE!), so that weakens the pathos of resolving the issue, BUT...

Tony is not a superhuman. He is smart and creative in ways that your average person, hell, above-average person is not. Visionary would not be over-the-top here. But he's still mortal, and vulnerable. And showing that there's a real cost to his new "powers" isn't a bad idea for movie two.

The execution wasn't perfect, but I get the point of it.

Also, Tony's binge drinking/partying as a result let them wander as close to "Demon in a Bottle" as they could without losing a helluva lot of their viewers (non-comic readers who would hate to see a full on alcoholic subplot ala Rescue Me; I liked the first few seasons, but I'm not the parent dragging kids to see Iron Man).
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- the romance at the end - just when I was happy that for once, just once, we get a female character that isn't there to be in a relationship with the main guy. Something I LOVED about IM

But Iron Man 2 introduced Black Widow? So you still got that.

Not that I felt the romance at the end particularly necessary.

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It was fine but bady edited.
There was parts missing.
It sould have been better.

It's a good trailer,i'm still sad they changed the actor for banner.

I hope we get a much better trailer later.
I think they will fight Loki the Skrull and Thanos is involved.
Maybe Red Skull will show up.

I would like to see more super-villains.
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Gotta say, I'd still watch it.
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Ed Norton is missing

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what an amazing turn *that* would have been.

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I'd watch it.