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The Jean Grey School Brochure

It's little touches like this that make me glad I pick up a comic...


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If Kitty has a degree, and I don't think we have any evidence she has, it would be in computer science or astrophysics, her two specialities.
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There was a whole miniseries about ten years back that focussed on Kitty Pryde's college life. Can't say I read it.
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And I don't recall her graduating in that either.
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Astrophysics, really? I never pegged her for that field. Even if she has tons of experience of breaking the laws of physics in space.
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Yeah, it was always a little odd.

I believe it was a bone of contention with Byrne and Claremont when creating her. Byrne wanted her to be a much more average kid, no unexpected areas of mental brilliance, but Claremont wanted her to be a child prodigy as well as a mutant.

She was also brilliant at electronic engineering and computer hardware, one reason why she and Doug got on; she built the computers, he programmed them.