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One of Tim's early career defining moments

From fairly early in the Knightfall run, we have Tim vs a couple of the heavier hitters in Gotham for the first time.

I'm not normally a fan of Sam Kieth's style, but I love Tim's "I SO hate my life right now" expression.

7 and a bit pages from 22.

Whilst trailing Bane in an effort to find out more about him (Stalker!Tim to the fore again) Tim has been bushwacked by persons unknown (Guess who)

Jim Balent is guest penciller of this issue and I really like his style.

On the next page, the one who "pretended" to be Batman was Jean-Paul Valley (oh the irony). Oh and Bane's casual comment about how much easier it would have been to blind Tim is one of the more creepy moments Bane has had IMHO (But then, I'm squeamish about eyes)

Yay Tim!

He's blindfolded, with his hands tied, on a narrow brick walkway, in the middle of deafening water and he's STILL trying to fight. That's the proper Robin spirit!

Also have to say, if we have to have Croc as a monstrous beast, that's a "good" look for him.

Y'think Tim?

I'm not quite sure what move Tim is making in this next page, I can imagine what move he's TRYING for (trying to get his wrists in front of him, but I'm not sure the movements match. Still, Robins SHOULD be bendy...

This is also some good fight choreography here, you can FEEL those punches.

You almost have to admire Croc and Bane's dedication to trying to whale the crap of each other, even when they have what should count as other more pressing concerns.

And there we run out of page count, so let's just assume that they all lived happily ever after....

Trevor McCarthy has posted, on his twitter feed, a sample panel from his one-off issue of Nightwing, to be seen in #4.

He's certainly improved since his last run on the title, IMHO.
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To be a defining moment in his career was when he turned out Lady Shiva's offer to make out with him, leading to another fifteen, twenty years of him turning down people's proportions until Cass Cain finally appeared to get him in the final issue of Gates of Gotham.

This one is good too though.
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.... twenty years of him turning down people's proportions until Cass Cain finally appeared to get him in the final issue of Gates of Gotham.

heh that's pretty much my head canon. this is of course right after Cassandra and steph were together :D
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Yeah, people getting rejected because they're too fat is so funny. Wait, what?
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It's not the word choice I found disturbing. It's the meaning behind the joke. Unless your intentions was something I misread and just come across this way???
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"Ears too big."

Now look what you did, Tim. You made Man-Bat cry!
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I'm still surprised nobody has yet got someone to do a commission of Cass pouncing on Tim in bed.