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the fabulous (and no so fabulous) women of Avengers Academy 22

Emma Being Fabulous

Hawkeye being an asshat, Emma and Tigra being Fabulous :D (can they be my hags? or is the proper term fruit fly? i admit to not using all my people's vernacular :D

Hazmat campaigning for asshat of the year against Finn Hudson.

can he write Emma Frost forever? :D

oooh side bar... can't you just imagine Doctor Doom in Tigra's outfit? that's right... i went there....

[personal profile] long_silence 2011-11-18 11:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Well I do feel bad for Santana and Finn is a jerk. I can sympathize with both of them, but I'm not on Finn's side or Santana's side.

I'm just saying that these are the consequences to her actions. She doesn't deserve it, no one ever does, but she did bring this upon herself.

There are no heroes and villains in this, they've all messed up.