Nov. 16th, 2011

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While I know we can't know the backstory and character of every Green Lantern ever, I'm curious to what degree Green Lanterns see themselves as "space cops" or "space fire-fighters." Do some Lanterns see themselves as representatives of law and order (judge, jury and jailer), while other Lanterns are more about fighting disasters and saving lives instead of fighting "space crime"?

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Greetings, Mortals!

Yesterday I posted the controversial response of Frank Miller on the Occupy Movement but today I bring you more happier news. Today I bring you the Wild Re-Designs of Darkseid. They'll blow your mind.

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After posting artwork from issue #1, I guess I should show something from #2. Reading this this issue, it struck me how sometimes it was actually creepier than From Hell.

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No violent anonymous shagging this time...(well maybe a bit of snogging), but there's still a WHOLE lot of violence, and I mean LOTS of it.

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From Newsarama, sometimes an image just leaps up and challenges you NOT to post it...

It's unlettered, but frankly, what lettering could hope to top this tableau?

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