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In Generation Hope #14, Hope and the Lights found a mind-wiped (by Emma) Sebastian Shaw in Pakistan and brought him to Utopia.

He's welcomed with open arms, obviously.

two spoilery pages from Gen Hope #15 )

Hope and Quentin Quire should hang out and hook up imho. Hot couple, Just Jared Jr material.

Other stuff is happening to the Lights that don't matter in this issue as well, btw.
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With Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, and Namor, the Blue X-team is sort of overloading with A-type personalities.

But who is the biggest A of all?

Gen Hope #13, other than being super creepy, answers that question!

an ego was bruised! )

Creators: Asmus & Roberson
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Since we've had all those spirited discussions about Hope's criticism of Xavier's school; and then contrasted with Dani's criticism of both Logan and Scott's position after Schism; I thought it'd be interesting to post some other scans from Generation Hope; right at the start of Schism, which explores the History of mutants, as a counterpoint:

It starts with Idie being surprised by the idea that stopping Sentinels is the thing to do; since she views herself as a mutants as a monster. Laurie tries to explain that Sentinels aren't really for protecting humans from evil mutants.

3 scans & about a half of Generation Hope 10 )
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So I mentioned this, and then I never posted it; so there it is! The fall out from the Laurie and Hope tension during Schism (err, not that sort of tension, sorry), in Generation Hope #12.

Then again...

Perhaps it is that sort of tension, hmmm.

3 pages and a half in panels )
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Looks like I was wrong about who will follow team Logan and who will follow team Scott after X-men Schism.

Generation Hope gets a new team, on paper and creatively.

And honestly I did not see that coming.

Mutatis mutandis. )


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