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"And as much work as we're doing with the New Gods now, spending all the time with the characters, it will be a shame to think this is the last time we're ever going to see them. We're tying together two of the huge, sprawling, hallmark mythologies of the DCU — the Green Lantern mythology and the New Gods mythology — and after we've done that, those two are forever linked in some way." - Robert Venditti

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Billy Tan
Inkers: Rob Hunter & Mark Irwin
Colorist: Alex Sinclair

7 of 21 pages

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"Who profits?" - If you ever want to find out who is the archvillain pulling the strings in the background and pitting sides against each other, always ask that question. With that said.

Why is the Phoenix coming to Earth again, this time?
Why has Hope become so rebellious lately?
Who gave Hope a plan of action?


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(About 3 pages in all from X-Men regenesis)

While I still find that whole caveman metaphor thingy to be one of the most painfully stupid thing I've ever seen - that was a nice issue finally seeing everyone try to decide what to chose.

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In which Kelda gets her mojo back, and we see where Bill, Son of Bills got all his awesome. Four pages from Thor #609. Kelda has come to Broxton to tell Bill's parents of their son's death in Latveria, when they're interrupted by the Siege.

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Perfect. On all counts. I haven't been a fan of Thor in the past, but the Asgard/Broxton and Bill/Kelda stuff has sold me on the title, and this is why.
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Greetings True Believers!

Very little else needs to be said about these four pages from Thor #609.

Behold! Balder the Brave! Balder the Bright!

Suggested Tags: char: balder the brave, char: loki, char: hood/parker robbins, title: thor. event: siege, publisher: marvel comics, creator: kieron gillen, creator: billy tan

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The CosmicBookNews has the preview for #609. The Golden City has fallen, and it's time for the survivors to rally. 2 pics behind the cut.

Wait a minute... this is happening in Oklahoma?

I feel a song coming on....

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The CosmicBookNews has the preview for Thor #608. The fight against Osborn and the forces of H.A.M.M.E.R. at the gates of Asgard isn't the only fight in town.

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Four scans from Thor #607, the start of the Siege tie-in.

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