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As requested in my previous post, here's the scene from Hudlin's run on Black Panther where he reveals that Wakanda has the cure for cancer (nevermind how little sense that makes) but refuses to share it.

Because they're assholes )

2 2/3 pages from Black Panther 3.
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Over in Hudlin's re-re-telling of Captain America's encounter with WW2-era Black Panther, the Nazis have set Heinrich Zemo and the Red Skull to the task of taking Wakanda.

And the latter's brought a few others along for the ride. )

publisher: marvel comics, creator: reginald hudlin

Aw, hell.

Feb. 9th, 2010 07:28 pm
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So while looking through the April Solicits for Marvel again, I suddenly got hit with a stomach clench of dread...

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tags: char: black panther/t'chaka, char: captain america/steve rogers, creator: denys cowan, creator: reginald hudlin, publisher: marvel comics
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Taken from here...

A Historical Overview and a Look to The Future
By Reginald Hudlin

When the Black Panther debuted in the 60s, he was so cool,so perfect a character in concept and execution it's hard to believe it was done by two white guys. But when the white guys in question were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, then it makes sense. But to truly appreciate their achievement, it;s worth putting it in context: No black super hero before or after the Black Panther is as cool as the Black Panther. Sure, others come close. Luke Cage is as brilliant a Marvel response to blaxploitation as Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D was to the JAMES BOND/ SUPER SPY Trend. And in the Milestone line of comics was wonderful and smart.

But the Black Panther is STILL the man.

He's the King of his own country! He's rich! He's tough enough to defeat the Fantastic Four and Captain America! He's suave and sophisticated! He's got cool super-technology! And his name is...THE BLACK PANTHER. Just the name alone was so ahead of its time. (I wonder if the Black Panther Party in Oakland had gottent famous first, would Stan have used the name anyway? Well, he didn't change it, so double-Kudos to him!)

And, for legality...


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