Feb. 21st, 2018

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The biggest flaw to Star Trek was they made outer space un-scary. Dude: outer space is SCARY. But we’ve got these characters–the Lanterns are just one example–who romp around out there like it’s nothing. -- Christopher J. Priest

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"For a few years in his early 20s, Nick Wilson had super powers and all the acclaim associated with them. When those powers vanished, so did his fame, sending him from national hero to late-night punchline. By the time we pick up his story, he is not yet 30 and barely an answer in a trivia contest. Faced with a life in a rear-view mirror full of lost powers, faded glory, former enemies, ex-girlfriends, and forgotten grudges, Nick struggles to figure out who he is today. Packing on an extra 20 pounds and peering through a medicinal marijuana haze, he is trying to build a future when all that’s left is just a man who hasn’t been super for a very long time."

- Image Comics press release

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While certainly not without flaws, I’ve been rather enjoying Dragon Ball Super* so far. I think part of that generally is the cosmic scope of things. From parallel timelines and other Universes to squaring off with and against literal deities, there’s been lots of cool new stories, characters and designs to see and grow attached to. In preparation for the hiatus/end of Super (as well as to cope with Dragon Ball Z Abridged possibly finishing up, too), I’d like to spotlight some moments from the series I particularly liked - in this case, the introduction of some of the contenders for the recent Universal Survival arc.

Full pages are posted as the series (barring Chapters 2-15) is available for free on viz.com . Remember to read from right to left. If you enjoy what you see, please support the official release.


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*I have not seen the anime
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"This new Hit-Girl ongoing series, to me, is essentially our fucked up version of Tintin. I remember as a kid here in Scotland looking at my Tintin and Asterix graphic novels and seeing all these other books set in different countries that made up this enormous collection. That’s precisely what I’ve set up here. It’s all four-issue stories, all with A-list writing and art and each one set in a different country. So we have Ricardo and I doing Hit-Girl Colombia, Kevin Smith takes her to Hollywood, Rafael Albuquerque takes her to Rome and so on. I want this to run for three or so years and have nine different graphic novels set in all these different countries and, like Tintin, I want people to gawp at the back and wish they had them all."

- Mark Millar

Warning for Gore

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Author Benjamin Percy is starting his run as writer on Nightwing in May, joined by new artist Chris Mooneyham. There's an article up about it at Entertainment Weekly

"The best way to approach Nightwing is as a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled mystery and adventure.

Consider how Gotham and Blüdhaven are shadow-soaked, crime-ridden environments. One of the things I love about Nightwing is his irrepressible optimism. This joy—a love of the game, a showman’s theatricality—is tonally essential to my approach. I see it as a necessary counterweight to material that might otherwise feel oppressively grim. In this way, Grayson really captures the hopeful maxim that has defined the Rebirth era.

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"I wouldn’t say he’s a “horror villain”; he’s more after the fashion of Gaiman’s Sandman, in that he’s this other-worldly being exerting a certain amount of influence on the lives of normal folks. As for the form he takes: there’s something compelling about the idea of a beloved childhood figure (at least for most of us) turning out to have the keys to our very lives, steering us in the direction of both sweet treats and profound sorrow."

- W. Maxwell Prince

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