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"Running through the story is a lighthearted (ish) critique of current social and political commentary, wherein some of the ways in which the political left expresses itself comes in for a bit of a bashing. These are people I want to see succeed, but I worry they undermine themselves with the sometimes extremely pompous manner in which they respond to the world.

An obvious example would be the appalling phrase “politically correct”, which was horribly self-righteous to begin with but has now rebounded on its original exponents, who’ve ended up simply handing the bad guys a stick with which to beat them. Its modern equivalent seems to be the even more dreadful “problematic”. If you’re going to express disgust, don’t be polite about it."

- Garth Ennis

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Where this actually comes from is the old Swamp Thing epic, "American Gothic", and the notion of examining a character's mind-boggling true nature and origin story. I mentioned this to Alan Moore and he pointed out a couple of things about dogs and welding that I actually found very helpful.
' - Garth Ennis

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"I grew up reading about dinosaurs, still love them to this day. Occasionally I pop into the Natural History Museum here in New York just to wander around the dinosaur halls — which are the best in the world, as far as I know — and gaze up at the huge skeletons, letting my imagination go." - Garth Ennis

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"I was having a pint with editor Nick Lowe, and he suggested putting the Phantom Eagle up against dinosaurs. It was exactly the kind of thing I was in the mood for — having been writing some pretty dark and grim stuff recently, I fancied something a little bit lighter. So Nick caught me at exactly the right time in exactly the right frame of mind." - Garth Ennis

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"I had no plans to [return to the character], having said all I had to with the character — or so I thought. But isolating the character from his World War I setting, considering him out of context, I realized I quite liked the idea of writing him for his own sake." - Garth Ennis

Enter the region of Battleworld known as... THE VALLEY OF THE FLAME.

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"I just greatly admire that confidence of his writing. I just feel no matter if he’s writing about World War II or superheroes, he’s the kind of author that as you’re reading, you know that he knew no one was looking over his shoulder as he was doing this. He’s writing only for himself and for his collaborators. And just a real economy of language, and letting pictures do a lot of the heavy lifting. I think few people are better craftsmen, just pound for pound, I think there are few better writers than Garth Ennis in our business." - Brian K. Vaughan

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Continuing the story of Soviet pilot Captain Anna Kharkova, we come to the final part of her story, which follows her journey from the end of the Second World War up to the 1960s...

Previous part can be found here,
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The Devils whom Jack sold his soul to have finally found him and agreed to share him by building him his own personal hell... He stays there until the heat death of the universe when he uses his Literal powers to resurrect the Pathetic Fallacy.

Two half pages out of four.

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