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It would've been written by Mark Waid and Robert Loren Fleming.

(One wonders what allusions/jabs it would've had, a couple years out from Watchmen #12.)

Dick Giordano, who'd previously been at Charlton, got Peter Cannon's creator Pete Morisi to do a Secret Origins story for the character.

That story wasn't published as intended - Secret Origins ended before it could be.

(The planned series didn't make it out, either - the 90s Peter Cannon was its own thing.)

It was published, though - in 2012, as part of Dynamite's first Peter Cannon series.

It was in the back of issue #1. )
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(Princess Evila'd had her turn.)

The man who hated the savior of the world faced him.

Elsewhere, there were two others who hated the savior.

" You wanted something to destroy the dragon, General.. "

They were somewhere dark. )
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They faced each other in her apartment.

The enemy faced the hero.

" What is this all about? "

" What it has always been about, Peter Cannon-

" Power. "

Her lips curved. )
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He awoke in her New York, out of a demon tempting and into her appealing as she had before.

" I see a power in you that perhaps you do not fully see yourself.

" A power whose limits you have not fully discovered.

" Channel it in the proper direction, Peter-

" And you could rule the world! "

" Really?

" Uh.. how do you know I haven't already? "

He smiled disarmingly. )
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He had overt ones, like the guy who tried to kill him with a dragon.

He had ones less so, like the Hooded One and Princess Evila.

They were working behind the scenes.

Their plans were less immediate. )
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There were men who, in secret, wanted to kill the dragon.

There was a man who, on his own, wanted to kill the dragon.

One day, he had the weapon to do it with.

He had what he'd invested himself in making. )
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Peter Cannon was the dragon he'd saved the world from.

There were those in the world who knew the dragon as a monster and hated it.

There were those who also hated the effects of the dragon.

They sat together. )
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It's an ongoing, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Marc Laming.

It's starting off with Bond and a modern take on one of his well-known antagonists.

That character's not the one with the shoe or the one with the teeth.

They're the one with the hat. )
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Leaving a man who'd written him, he'd ended up back where his journey'd started.

In his own body again, he was the prisoner of the Nazis he, Margo, and Shrevvy'd struck at.

He faced them unflichingly.

They had him chained up. )
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Out of one man, he'd stepped into another.

He'd gone from the streets to a room, a stubbed-out cigarette trailing smoke and a glass half-drunk.

There was a problem before him, on a desk with a lamp on.

He went to the window, looked out into the night. )
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He'd stepped into it out of himself in 1939, into Lamont Cranston.

He'd stepped again, back two years and into another role.

Now, he was about to play the Shadow on the radio.

He looked into a mirror. )
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His journey'd begun in 1939, after the breaking up of a Nazi rally.

He and Margo Lane drove away from their work, Moe Shrevnitz at the wheel.

She wondered if they'd hurt any of the women and children down there.

" I'd never have set the charges if I'd known. And you blasting away with your .45s.. you can't be sure.. "

He looked at her. )
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In recent years we've had a spate of 80's toy related comic book launches.

Now, I'm not counting Transformers and GI Joe as they never really felt like they went away, but in recent years we've had a number of toy related titles ranging from the superb (Jem) to the middling (Rom) and the rather disappointing (Visionaries)

We've also see TV reboot everything from He-Man (in 2003 I grant you, but it was good), Thundercats (The terrific 2011 series and the 2018 one which might be a bit more questionable), My Little Pony (managing to get into it's 8th season and a theatrical movie) and Duck Tales (sublime).

However, I think it's safe to say I did not expect this.

A new all ages comic featuring a character I don't think I've ever even seen the opening credits of the cartoon of...

More, and bigger image beneath the cut )
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Two men faced the secret masters of the world.

The two who led the Silent Seven had a third on their side- Damian Wayne, Robin, claimed by Ra's and puppeted by Khan.

Batman faced Ra's and Damian in the Seven's headquarters.

The Shadow faced Khan in the latter's mind.

He fought with the power he'd realized when Khan'd had Damian take a shot at him.

Khan overpowered him, blowing holes in his self-conception.

" You were always going to die here. " he told the defeated Shadow.

" How could you possibly hope to defeat me in my own mind? "

The Shadow answered him. )
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Sometimes, they're very thin masks.

The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #4 illustrated this.

The scene was the Hornet, Kato, and the Spirit rushing to the Daily Sentinel's offices.

They didn't do so on foot. )


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