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(He'd gone to save an acquaintance.)

He lay unconscious in flaming aftermath.

He awoke, amidst his ex-girlfriend and robots.

The latter helped him up. The former didn't. )
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He'd been interrupted by his ex-girlfriend.

The both of them'd then been tranquilized by his Robot Paul.

Renny, after waking up, gave Robot Paul an earful.

Robot Paul listened. )
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He'd come back to Las Vegas for it.

With his Robot Paul, he set out to one of the businesses of the man he was going after.

Inside Pinky Brown's Pleasure Center, he noticed something different.

He asked an employee about it (after putting her client in a sleeper hold).

" Pinky Brown's has been a robot sex club since before I started.

" Are you with the Pinchback party? "

" .. the Pinchback party..

" Yes, that's right. I'm a guest of Mr. Pinchback. "

He turned away. )
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He came out of the Mojave seeking the third.

He and his robots marched towards Las Vegas.

They were met on their way by the Free People, wanderers who walked the desert and lived in caves.

Over a meal, the People's leader asked the man with the robots for his story.

The man obliged, beginning with his humble origins and desire to rise.

He left some things out. )
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This is a very, very difficult comic to promote without giving the game away about at least one major plot point, but I would thoroughly recommend it.

Ted Anderson, the writer, describes it thus “Moth & Whisper is a cyberpunk thriller set in a near-future dystopian city where the cars are self-driving and the skies are filled with facial-recognition drones. Corporate employees live in well-defended enclaves that might as well be private fiefdoms. Anonymity is impossible; privacy is a thing of the past.”

But of course, in any such society theere are those who seek to subvert it, and that's what this series seems to be about.

I will also note that Niki, the major charatcer in this series is genderqueer, which is strongly hinted at in this first issue, but after reaching out to the writer (and then seeing some of the promo material), is confirmed as being the case; "I'm excited for readers to meet Niki; they're a complex character in a tough situation, navigating a hostile world using their wits, their skills, and a variety of high-tech gadgets. When your face is just another commodity to be bought and sold, the most dangerous person is the one wearing a mask,"

When identity is more than a metaphor )
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"I’m doing a new horror book with Aftershock. It’ll start coming out next year. I can’t go into much detail yet, but it’s very much inspired by current events. I had the sense that it was time to say something about what’s been going on in the world, and what’s been happening in the last couple of years."

- Garth Ennis

Warning for Gore

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"The entire book is a subversion of what you can expect from The Inferno. While the first few issues play it pretty close to the chest, later issues reveal horrible secrets, strange new levels of hell, and the true nature of Lucifer. Keep descending."

- Zac Thompson

"I think people will be genuinely surprised at how we deal with some of the later circles of hell. We are taking a lot more creative liberties as the series unfolds and really doing our best to portray a modern version of hell, one that speaks to the times we’re living in, just like Dante did back in the fourteenth century. We just hope people are along for the ride."

- Lonnie Nadler

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"The series opens with Special Agents Shaw and McGregor investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents in a Long Beach warehouse. But, Ennis tells Heat Vision, things aren’t as straightforward as they may seem. “They quickly realize that things in here are badly skewed, to the extent that they make no sense according to the normal laws of nature,” the writer teases. “Further, unpleasant echoes of the highly traumatic major case they finished some months earlier — under dubious circumstances — begin manifesting around them, including the appearance of people they know cannot possibly be present.” Before too long, it becomes obvious that what’s going on is far bigger than anyone imagined."


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"It’s been quite a while since I last did a horror book. Caliban was partly science fiction, so really the last flat-out horror story I started would have been Crossed in 2008. That came partly from my reaction to the Bush era, revolving as it did around themes of chaos and abandonment. A Walk Through Hell is more of a response to the current administration, involving corruption and wrongdoing, and the bubbling up of an evil long held in check. All in all, I decided it was time for another gaze into the dark."

- Garth Ennis

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