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"No joke, I tried to get [editor Jordan White] to push for a second printing of #1 with a gold foil logo. He didn't go for it." - Chris Sims

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'I don't think I'd go as far as calling it a parody. I mean, we're definitely writing some jokes in there, and there are definitely funny bits, but that mostly comes from us just having a good time thinking about how much we loved (and love) those comics. I mean, you can't see Cable in "X-Cutioner's Song" growling about how he's going to go face Stryfe "Man to man and -- quite literally -- face to face!" without thinking it's kind of hilarious, right? That's the attitude we're going for.' - Chris Sims

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Sims: "Not gonna lie, Jean was probably the hardest one to write, for me at least. The '90s are such a weird time for her. So much of what we think about her character is stuff from the '80s, and in the '90s, she felt like she was still trying to redefine her character without the Phoenix. She didn't even have a codename! But then that kind of became the core of how we thought about her, and her struggle to get past this identity comes up pretty big in chapter 5."

Bowers: "Yeah, we both really like Jean, too, but it's sometimes hard to get around the fact that, in the 90s, she spends an awful lot of time just being Cyclops' fiancée. The show did her no favors, either, and if I'm not wrong -- correct me if I am, Chris -- but she's the only character who doesn't get a solo episode, which really hangs a light on what they thought about her at the time."

- Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

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"Chris and I looked at the entirety of X-Men in the '90s, and really tried to distill all of it down into one big, gigantic story. So, naturally, it's influenced by the cartoon and the comics -- which are no doubt the two biggest voices of that era -- but there's also the toys, video games, the trading cards, and the list goes on and on. It's all in there!" - Chad Bowers

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Hi ho Legion fans, 4 pages from LOSH #17 here. Remember the last page of last ish, how a complex quark relay station quietly goes about its business...until suddenly it doesn't? Well, as David said in Prometheus, big things have small beginnings, and so to this ish's title, "The Beginning of the End"!

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NEXT ISSUE tagline: It Gets Worse. Whooboy.

Incidentally, anybody heard any word on where/when the Legion Lost crew is likely to fetch up next?
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Two pages from Uncanny X-Men: First Class 6, featuring Kurt being eloquent and adorable, as always.

Context: He grabbed a sword off some alien, and it teleported him to some sort of pocket dimensional trophy room, where he finds a certain head on a wall.

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Title: Wolverine: First Class #12 (Marvel, 2009, 22 pages)
Creators: Fred Van Lente (writer), Scott Koblish (pencils)
Availability: Available In Trade

I found this during a foraging expedition at the local used media shop and picked this up from the quarter bin. I got a laugh out of this just because one of my first RPG groups used to have this argument all the time, and I felt like sharing.

The story takes place during Uncanny X-Men #150, which explains that...thing that Kitty is burning in the first scan.

Anyway, S_D, what say you: costume or uniform?


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