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The Black Hood was south of the scene with his thought-dead predecessor (whose being alive he'd just learned about) when he heard about it.

The two of them were heading over when they heard about another explosion in the area.

The Hood who'd " died " and come back to find someone else wearing his mask, Kip Burland, figured that the completionist assassin they were after setting off that one made sense.

That one's site was the former home of his unasked-for successor.

" But why the hospital? What's that mean to you?

" Did you ever work there? Did your parents die there? "

" No. " answered Greg Hettinger, the other Black Hood.

" I was born there. "

They drove through the night. )
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Kip Burland confronted Greg Hettinger.

The former Hood overpowered the latter.

" It's over, Hettinger.

" You've caused far more harm than good. A lot of innocent people have died as a result. "

" You know what?

" You're right. "

" .. I'm what? "

Kip walked over to Greg. )
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The latter made stops along the way.

The former knew why he was making them.

The Black Hood made it to the second stop too late.

All he could do was take in the aftermath. )
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The killer who was'd tracked the vigilante who'd been to Santa Monica.

The latter sat there, watching the former pull the trigger. Then he moved.

The shot went askew, off his arm.

The Nobody knocked him aside.

" So there's still a little fight left in you, Mr. Hettinger. Good. "

" What- what did you call me? "

" I followed your little hero's journey across the country.

" Couldn't help yourself, could you, Greg?

" Well guess what.

" I'm about to undo all of that. "

" Do I know you? "

" No. Not really. But a lot of people are going to die unless you stop me. "

" Who the hell are you? "

" Wouldn't you like to know. "

The Nobody turned and walked away.

Greg, having heard police sirens approaching the scene of the commotion he'd been in, went the same way in another direction.

He went downtown. )
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It'd begun last October.

Officer Greg Hettinger, who'd donned the black hood of a man he'd shot in the line of duty, had fled the wake of his vigilantism.

He left his hood behind him on the outskirts of Philadelphia and went away.

He wound down to California.

There, he wore a bluer hood and threw himself at crime again.

He did so for the same reasons he'd done so before. )
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"Last year's groundbreaking Infestation series, IDW's first-ever event, saw many teams from multiple universes fight off a zombie invasion. Now, an even bigger threat has risen to threaten the growing IDW multiverse: Lovecraftian demons threaten to reach across time and space and destroy everyone everywhere and everywhen!"

- IDW press release

Read more... )
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People become known by the works they do.

They become symbols of them. What exactly those symbols represent depends on who's regarding them.

X the vigilante, for every criminal in the city of Arcadia, is judgement.

He's a warning if he marks you once. He's your death if he marks you twice.

Issue #9 of his recent series, written by Duane Swierczynski and drawn by Eric Nguyen, focused on someone who understood X as judge, jury, and executor of Arcadia's bad.

It focused on someone who understood him as that, someone who wanted to pass through his one-man court.

It opened on why that someone wanted that.

It opened at night. )
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It's starting again with a new #1 in September.

The end this week set up the upcoming beginning with a tale of Kip Burland, the first Black Hood.

It opened in California, on him looking at the work of one he was hunting.

It was bloody work. )
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Greg Scott'll be picking those up following Robert Hack's guesting this month.

Gaydos's art and Duane Swiercyznski's writing started this Philadelphia-crime-story take on the Archie Comics character off strongly.

How they ended the initial arc, with the hero confronting the villain, was nicely done.

It was a tight little bit. )
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It's one painted in Percocet and colored by crime.

It's one where he has to put on the mask of the man he shot (Kip Burland; he's Greg Hettinger) so that he can satisfy the urges calling from within him.

It's one into which two much darker intruded themselves.

They met him in a graveyard. )
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He was called for by Carmine Tango.

X met him atop a skyscraper under construction.

The vigilante'd come looking for the astrologically-obsessed gangster he had a history with.

What he got was the luck-obsessed killer he had a history with.

A history that he thought'd had its last page written. )


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