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So Terrific Tales gives me a vehicle where I can try these odd little ideas for things that perhaps aren't even technically stories, but where I can just play with things. "Yeah, let's do a cartoon! Let's do some bubble gum cards! Let's do a children's story!” -- Alan Moore

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

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A big influence on Tom Strong was Tintin. I wanted a story that had fantastic lands and exotic adventures. Natives with paint on their faces and volcanoes erupting. -- Alan Moore

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Two Down

Aug. 19th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Continuing Harvey Dent's 75th anniversary I'm going to be posting a few comics featuring Two-Face by Greg Rucka. I don't know if I'd call him the definitive writer for the character but he gets his mindset and has written for him on several occasions. This was first try at the bat so to speak.

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Crime novelist Greg Rucka's first two DC comic stories kicked off a journey that he'd follow all the way up to his recent, lamented departure from the company. Everything from NO MAN'S LAND, HUNTRESS: CRY FOR BLOOD, 52, CHECKMATE, THE QUESTION, and BATWOMAN, it all stems from these two stories where a pair of Gotham's toughest heroines reluctantly team up with face-related men: one with no face at all, and the other with two too many.

"Two Down," which appeared in Spring 1999's BATMAN CHRONICLES #16, is credited by the first-page blurb as the story where "Rucka first proved his mettle in comics," although the previous issue--Winter 98's BATMAN CRONICLES#15--published Rucka's "An Answer in the Rubble." Maybe the second one was published first, but either way, they make a fascinating pairing. Particularly now, twelve years later, as we know how these pairings fell apart... and how the remnants of the two became one themselves.

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I'm considering doing a series of NO MAN'S LAND posts focusing on Renee and Harvey, interspersed with pages from Rucka's own novelization of NML, which I think is largely an improvement over the comics themselves. I dunno how interested anyone would be in scans of just words, but I personally find the comparisons damn fascinating, nerd that I am. Hopefully some of you will too.

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When Dick Grayson put (back) on the cape and cowl as Batman, most of the critical and fan attention was seemingly focused on Grant Morrison's BATMAN AND ROBIN, whereas Judd Winick's five-issue-reign on BATMAN was dismissed as--to quote the AV Club's review--"a bit too much like business as usual compared to what Morrison and Quitely are up to."

Having finally read the Winick story as a whole, I'd say it feels less like "business as usual" as much as a more direct continuation of the Batman Family stories of the past fifteen years, as opposed to Morrison's overarching focus on the concepts of Batman over the past sixty years. He's not interested in the soap opera dynamics and relationships between the Bat-Fam and the classic Rogues. Problem is, those are the things that I love best about Batman comics. I dare say that would be the same for most of you.

So for me, there was a lot to enjoy in Judd Winick's too-short BATMAN run from issues 687-691. Not the least of which being the use of Dick's arch-nemesis (or whatever he's supposed to be), followed not long after the events of NIGHTWING: THE GREAT LEAP.

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