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Three pages from Magneto Not a Hero #3

First a page of Pixie & Rockslide & Anole because adorable!

I admit this series is making me find Scott & Magneto's relationship fascinating. The humour is so dry I think it's spreading desertic areas in its wake.
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With Wolverine gone Scott needed a new mancrush.
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Go on…
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Wow... A much of scenarios just jumped into my head right now.....
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magneto knelt before scott and often goes on and on about how amazing.scott's leadership is, recently (regenesis, legacy, a page in this very issue where he's talking to joseph).

i'm pretty sure it's him nurturing the mancrush, i have yet to see evidence scott is as into him as he is into scott, tbh.
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Just wait until Magneto starts wearing the long curly red wig.
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Never thought I'd see the day where Cyclops could goad Magneto into doing what he says by way of a steely glare.
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He's not. They both know Magneto's pariah status in New York would kill Logan's school.
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Hence Magneto's wondering if "the Canadian" would even let him show up.
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The one with the cavemen posturing.
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I see it.

In my mind Magneto was never (with all do respect to the great actor) Sir Ian McKellan, but more Jeremy Irons.

Even in his present age he is a good looking hombre.
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omg the thought of Jeremy Irons as Magneto. *dies at the hotness*
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*nods * I see it

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And if Irons had done his turn as Magneto, if he could have kept down the burr and adopted a 'European' accent, it would have been ace.

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I really love that Skottie Young keeps devoting whole pages to these random New X-Men cameos. I think he said in an interview that it was to try to convince Marvel to let him write a mini with those characters.
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Hot teenaged war veterans with hot members of their preferred gender, off doing -- well, anything....

Nope, nothing sexually charged there at all!
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.... Huh?
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Only if he uses his new powers to fix the damage he did in Divided We Stand...
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On man between this and Spiderman/Daredevil 2012 might be the year of the bromance. Who would have thought Scott and Mags would have such great chemistry?
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And that's how they well "take" eachother : D
Scott (post coitus): wow, bet you never did that with Charles.
Magnus: well... Not that exactly... That was quite an inventive user of your optic blasts.
Scott: interesting use of magnetism there, when jean and i... Well,.it was never so tingly...

off in the distance Charles weeps uncontrollably... And Emma secures the rights to the video she just recorded (funding after all)
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Yeah not my best work...

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I can see some X-Men swapping sides as they keep in contact with other members.
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It's a divorce. It'll be a long time before everything settles.
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Seems more of a separation to me, but it's semantis
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I vote that Clay Mann draws Magneto forever.

(Preferably shirtless whenever applicable.)
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Mann makes the man (heh) look hot-old, not just hot, and not just old.
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Quite the silver fox : D oh... Hai magnus...
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That's the kinda Magneto I prefer in my stories :P
Much better than the random super-villain supremacist - which goes so much against his background as a kid...
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Best kind of Magnus, really.