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Heh heh, Watching a Franchise's Dignity Slide Away is Amusing!

Some of you may be aware that they're rereleasing Star Wars Episode one in glorious 3D!!! But some of you might not be aware of the modified trailer that they've released for said film, which asks an important question:
How do you make an already extraordinarily annoying movie even more so?

Yeah, Qui-Gonn's going to have trouble getting to the "celebration", what with him getting killed and cremated some hours or days before hand.

For legality, a lightsaber safety lesson, from Tag and Bink.
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Lucas authorized this?

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I thought it was a joke until I noticed it was on the official StarWars Youtube channel.
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Me too.
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Lucas probably wrote it.

Jeez, that's just... awful. Even worse than the kid's acting in the actual movie.