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Do you feel Fancomic-y? Well, do ya?

I think one of these might need a content warning. So, um...

Content Warning! Violence against Women!


So, the DCnU Justice League book has a Shazam back-up. New backstory for Billy Batson. New backstory which turns Billy from this sweet natured little optimist to a tiny tool who has been kicked out of several foster homes.

Way to completely miss the point of the character, dudes.

Also, the Amazons are now mass-murdering slave owners.




So, back in the day, there was an issue of the X-men in which Wolverine tries to stop Rachel from breaking the 'X-men don't kill' rule... stabbing her to death.


I thought that it's kinda funny that Wolverine is back to being Mr Stabby Stabby Death Death and is friends with Rachel again. Although I guess it's less about him killing and more about him stopping others from killing. Though Rachel had totally killed before this. And Wolverine actually went back later and tried to murder the hell out of Selene.

So, in conclusion, I've totally lost track of what I was trying to say with this.

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Agreed. Logan knows he's hell bound and that he's got a big debt to pay at the end. Which is why his friendship to Kurt was so important (among other reasons). For all of his internal ugliness and blood thirsty nature Kurt saw the good man Logan tries so hard (and often fails) to be.