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Avengers #25 preview

One page from #25, courtesy of

That's Captain America trying to punch Magneto??!

And the art... this is THE Walt Simonson?
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Wasn't his shield reforged with space (aka Asgardian) metal anyway post Fear, Itself; or am I being confused? So should we expect it to behave exactly the same it did in the past?

[personal profile] spacebetween 2012-04-13 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
It was reforged with Uru, the same metal that is in Mjolnir. I don't know if Uru is magnetic as I never seen Magneto and Thor clash, though I'm sure in the 60 odd years it would have happened at some point.
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They did clash in an old Thor comic, I don't think Magneto even tried doing anything to Mjolnir.

But I doubt he can anyway, it's enchanted.
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Looks like he could control it. Doubt he could do anything more.