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Exiled #1

We had the preview earlier show us how the creepy neighbor next door was spying on the New Mutants... now we get the pay off.

Turns out the man across the street does seem to know a bit about the Asgardians.
Quite a bit, actually.

As soon as he began to put on his ancient armor, it triggered a response so powerful in the Disir that they were able to break free from Mephisto's realm and follow it to it's source. Which of course set Mephisto to bring Loki to bring back his favorite playthings (sorry Amara) back to him. Which caused Loki to bring both Hela and here allies AND Thor and his allies to stop the Disir.

All while Dani called upon the neighbor to stop spying on them.

Needless to say, things get out of hand quickly.

The Disir arrive.
the New Mutants arrive.
Hela and the host of the Asgardian dead arrive.

Thor, Loki, Leah and the Warriors Three arrive.
It's a minor free for all on the streets of San Francisco until the man who set this in motion shows himself.

Sigurd, the first champion of the realm. The Sword of Bor.
The Legend of Legends.

And with a word he makes quick work of the supernatural assembled group.. and I will leave the rest for you to pick up and interpret.

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