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I'm disappointed I've actually broken this icon out in earnest

I only capped it as a bit of fun, but the Teen Titans Annual has brought it out

Now one of the things I've sort of admired about the DCnU is the whole lot of marketing they've indulged in, and yet they seem to be a little leery about cross-media promotions. Until now, or so I thought....


This is just... WAY too gaudy. The black suits with neon trim might have worked, but with a consistently orange fiery background it's just... messy. (and the scanner has actually muted the colours)

Remember how the preview showed they were introducing Artemis to the DCnU. Great, we thought, a little whiter than she is in the YJ cartoon, but a nice nod to continuity and a chance for some cross continuity promotion.

(Oh and I interrupt the angst to point out that yes, that is the red Beast Boy in the next pic. WHY they're making him red just seems.... pointless, he's a green kid who turns into green animals. It's silly, it's nuts.. which is sort of the point, but as I've noted before, whimsy has no place in the DCnU)

Seriously, did they just fridge one of the stars of the TV show which is doing more good for the DC brand than the comic is? And at the hand of someone called "Fist Point"? Words really are failing me here... and I know a LOT of words.
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The effect isn't, though. If people had not brought up the possibility, it never would have entered my head that they were even remotely connected.

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Im with you, But this Artemis, whoever she was, seemed like a nice character, she didnt deserve It