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I liked this quite a bit. I liked the retro story about the Avenger X and how it was set up to show in the modern world (though, after all the buildup, resolving it in a single issue was a tad underwhelming). I also like how Victor didn't just save the day alone, but it required real teamwork with Nadia, which is thematically appropriate for the current Doom, too.
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Ah, too bad we didn't get to see that teamwork part between the two.

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Doom should dedicate his heroic career to showing up and dissing any supervillain who announces they now have the power of a god.
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Someone is really going to have to warn Nadia that "Hey, it looks like your father is alive, but we're pretty sure he's actually a meat puppet controlled by your evil robot brother", because the poor girl is starved for paternal attention.
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So in order for the new heroes to look good the established heroes are made to look like clowns. Especially Spider Man.
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I think it's been that way for decades.

"The Stunticons will run you off the road, Autobots!"

"No need to fear, the Aerialbots are here!"

After a few bits of that, then they fall in line with the rest and conform to falling for the same stuff.
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That...sounds depressingly accurate.
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Made to look too compassionate for their own good, maybe. Luckily, that's how I like my Spidey!
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So how did Doomy take her down? I mean, obviously, it was badass somehow, but I really want to know what it was.
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she actually beats him, the Wasp shrinks her down and abandons her in the microverse
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Oh, I see. Shame, but still reasonably satisfying.
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Victor and this team is growing on me....

is this before Dark Reign?
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So is Nadia just fangirling Victor, or does she have a crush?
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This makes me wonder, all of Thor's powers are granted by Mjolnir with the worthiness clause rather than being innate, right? How does that interact with someone who steals powers?