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Scans from War of Kings #6

Greetings True Believers! I have some scans from the last issue of War of Kings for you. The war is ending and Black Bolt and Vulcan are battling each other for the fate of the universe. But while that is happening, there is the rise of another sovereign??

All Hail.....

Long may he reign! Will this actually happen? I wish that WoK would end with Ronan in charge of the Kree and Gladiator in charge of the Shi'ar. Then they can be space-warrior BFFs. Ronan should stay with Crystal and they should use a cosmic plot device (cube, gem, concept, etc) to bring Lilandra back to life and then her and Gladiator get hitched. Then Ronan and Gladiator travel to Earth to challenge Luke Cage and Danny Rand to the "Battle of the BFFs."

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Somehow, the artists involved have managed to make Gladiator look sensible, and not like a cartoon character. I love them a bit.
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He seems to look better the more you screw up his mohawk.