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Action Comics #883 Preview

Taken from the Source. Captain Atom second feature.

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You might want to just leave one page in your post. Posting all the pages from the preview drastically reduces the number of pages from the comic that may be posted later, after people have actually bought the comic and might want to share/discuss something that wasn't in the preview.

Also, huh. I didn't realize there was a "co-feature" in Action Comics too. Captain Atom is an odd choice, though.

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Well, the general storyline about Project 7734 continues into the backup feature (although it took several months of very strange stories there to "get" that), so if they didn't put it here then Superman readers would have to pick up some other book just to get the full view of what's going on.

So far, the storyline itself is very "meh", but I'm hoping it dovetails into the bigger plotline soon and starts to actually affect what's going on.

Oh, and hopefully this completely retcons the incredibly stupid Countdown stories with Monarch!Captain Atom. Those made absolutely no sense, at all. I think blaming it on anal Skrulls would be fine with me at this point.

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The back-ups may read better in trade, where you can go back and reread the earlier stories once you have the new information. (I can see why an in media res start makes sense for this story, but getting it at a rate of 10 pages a month makes for a long period of confusion.)

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Also, huh. I didn't realize there was a "co-feature" in Action Comics too. Captain Atom is an odd choice, though.

It's mostly "Robinson felt like writing about/redeeming Captain Atom", and nowhere else made much sense to put it either.

Plus, it's tied into the Superman stuff through both Natasha Irons (who you see in the above preview) and the Project 7734 stuff.

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Jax-Ur is a lot skinnier this incarnation.

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No mustache, too.

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I thought the current version of the Kryptonians didn't wear this kind of suits. Or is he from Earth-post-crisis-on-infinite-earths-before-infinite-crisis?

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Somee do some don't. Each guild has its own outfits and thus every iteration of clothing from all incarnations are now canon for Krypton.

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Wow, a reference to Superman/Batman Public Enemies even.

Jax-Ur sounds familiar but I don't have a clue who he is.

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Silver Age Phantom Zone baddie - the worst of the worst. He blew up a moon of Krypton and got a life sentence in return.