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The Sentry in happier days

Siege #4 came out this week and was Sentry heavy. I've done some of my thoughts on NSD about the end of Dark Reign and we've already seen the main fallout from Siege: Fallen. I'm going to go through the archives and do a bit on the previous times that Olivier Coipel has turned his pen to the Golden Guardian of Good, with Brian Michael Bendis doing the writing.

We start off with House of M, which was probably Marvel's prettiest event book since the cycle started with Disassembled.

I don't think that we need much context here. These two pages are Sentry's entire appearance in House of M.

(Yes, those are a fair old set of teeth that Reynolds Jr has)

I kind of like it. Strange is probably too detached,but the Reynolds stuff is cool. The idea of having this huge thing hanging over you that you can't deal with is a good way of looking at the character.

Context: The Black Widow II (exploded in one of the first New Avengers books) is turned into a super-adaptoid and attacks Avengers Tower. If you touch her, she takes your powers.

The next few bits are kind of choppy, cutting out the non-Sentry stuff, but keeping the narrative flow going.

Iron Man works out that if she can only absorb your powers once, so he takes all of his armours by remote control and dogpiles the Super Adaptoid.

And then the Super Adaptoid's handlers flick a switch and she goes asplodey.
Then Luke Cage and Jessica Jones get married.

I liked the way that they made it clear that only one person can cope with being the Sentry and even he can barely manage it.

char: sentry/bob reynolds, creator: olivier coipel, creator: brian michael bendis, title: house of M, char: dr. Strange/stephen strange, group: new avengers, title: new avengers, publisher: marvel comics, char: black widow/yelena belova,
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I think I just spot a continuity error....why the hell is Doc Strange a physiologist and not a medical doctor? I mean this is the world where the heroes get their best wishes and isn't the Phoenix Wright of surgery?
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Psychologist, you mean. But you're right--he should be a psychiatrist instead, because he'd still be able to use his medical degree. (I'm assuming that the whole premise is that he didn't become Sorcerer Supreme.)