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Birds of Prey #2 Against the White Canary!

The issue starts off right from the last with Canary wondering who the White Canary is and why she seems so familiar. She and Huntress do their best to tag team her as Oracle calls in backup with the White Canary clearly being at a bit of an advantage.

Backup arrives soon after in the form of Hawk and Dove. White Canary breaks out of Huntress' hold while Hawk tries beelining White Canary. Interestingly enough it doesn't lead to the end of the fight like I thought it might (him being a meta and all)

The team then has to abandon the fight after the cops show up with the intent of arresting them all as some mysterious enemy (presumably White Canary or someone she's working for) has framed Black Canary for a murder. The group is forced to flee, Penguin who's somewhat conscious tells them to go towards his club the Iceberg Lounge so the group works their way past the cops. Also, in amusing fashion Penguin seems to be taken aback by the beauty of a certain blue bird.

But on route to the lounge....

Hmm, a mention of Sin alongside the eerie White Canary.....

And the issue ends with Barbara getting ready to give the enemy a beatdown as you see a bunch of screens with happenings of Brightest Day like Aquaman, Jade, the White Lantern power battery and so on....        

And there's one/two big spoilers from the issue I wished to circumvent and didn't mention in the post, go get the issue! :P                                                                                                   

group: Birds of Prey, title: Birds of Prey, creator: Gail Simone, creator: Ed Benes, creator: Adriana Melo, creator: Mariah Benes, char: black canary/dinah lance, char: penguin/Oswald cobblepot, char: Dove/Dawn Granger, char: Hawk/Hank Hall, char: Huntress/Helena Bertinelli, char: Lady Blackhawk/ zinda blake, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon

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Has anyone considered Cheshire? I keep seeing people suggest WC might be an eight year old girl, but no one seems to think the Asian assassin with rage issues towards Black Canary abandoning her "daughter" might be the Asian assassin who recently lost her daughter, who is coincidentally BC's "granddaughter."

Or is that completely insane?
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It might fly as a theory. Reason I can't buy it is that Cheshire's getting so much play elsewhere right now, in Titans Villain Whosis and Rise of Arsenal. Seems to me if DC editorial knew they were going to pull this kind of surprise return for Cheshire they'd have timed it differently, kept Jade on the back burner and out of readers' minds.

Then again - DC Editorial. *sighs*
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Dinah would have recognized Cheshire from the events in Sensei and Student. And there is no way Cheshire is young enough to elicit a "kiddo" which is what she calls the White Canary here.