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Why has no one made this yet?

From The Tick (New Series) #4. It's board game night at Arthur's place. (Outside, unnoticed, an epic underwater battle is taking place in the flooded streets of The City as all sorts of wacky parody creatures fight for dominance of the world's oceans.) As our heroes discuss which board game to play, Tick proposes his favorite - CONFECTIONER TYCOON!

Behold the majesty of a board game of the Tick's own creation:

Someone make this already! I want to play!

(Only one existing - and woefully underused - tag seems to fit, and I know we're near, if not already at, the limit, so I left off a few. Possibilities for del.icio.us, if you feel like it - publisher: new england comics, title: the tick, char: arthur, char: bumbling bee, title: the tick)

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