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Well, it's the Mighty Blue Arachnid's 100th published story! So to celebrate this milestone they pull out all the stops and even got a guess star crossover arranged!

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From The Tick (New Series) #4. It's board game night at Arthur's place. (Outside, unnoticed, an epic underwater battle is taking place in the flooded streets of The City as all sorts of wacky parody creatures fight for dominance of the world's oceans.) As our heroes discuss which board game to play, Tick proposes his favorite - CONFECTIONER TYCOON!

Behold the majesty of a board game of the Tick's own creation:

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Someone make this already! I want to play!

(Only one existing - and woefully underused - tag seems to fit, and I know we're near, if not already at, the limit, so I left off a few. Possibilities for del.icio.us, if you feel like it - publisher: new england comics, title: the tick, char: arthur, char: bumbling bee, title: the tick)
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Perhaps Ben Edlund's The Tick (and Arthur, Sewer Urchin, Die Fledermaus, Chairface Chippendale and all the rest) need to be experienced and not described. It's better that way. Here, at any rate, are two indispensable items. First we have a handy guide for coming up with super-hero names and catch phrases. When so many of the more striking name have long been claimed, it's harder and harder to devise one that a hero or villain hasn't already claimed. Just as actors often have to use their middle names because someone is already listed by the Screen Actors Guild (so Mary Moore became Mary Tyler Moore) or have to change their real name already (as David Bowie had to abandon his original last name because the Monkees had a singer named Davy Jones). So a new super-hero can't just be the Owl, he has to be the Midnight Owl or Owlympus or Owl Boy.

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