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Medieval Peege doth not like being treated like a Damsel in Distress

And even less so in Shakespearean English.

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Oh Peege. Your badassery back then may have actually started the Inquisition instead. :<
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But he wasn't picking on anyone!
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Besides, it starts with "Thou art too fair for such struggle!" and quickly ends with "Gadzooks! A mayfly upon thy bosom! Let me remove it for thee- Egads! My hand doth slip!"
Far quicker to just throw him in the lake now and be done with it. :-)
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Power Girl - "Come and see the violence inherent in the system... Help!Help! I'm being oppressed"
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Yeah! How dare he try to be a decent gentlema- wait...

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I can see both sides of this one. On the one hand, PG is entirely capable of handling herself, and doesn't like anyone to suggest differently. On the other hand, the knight is coming from a period where most women, at least in the public perspective (I tend to suspect, as many cases as turn up of women disguised as men, and considering that one made it as far as being declared Pope, there were probably an awful lot of cases that we don't know about because no one ever happened to penetrate the disguise) would have been essentially helpless in that situation (I guess the question is what exactly the situation is. Looks like Ye Olde Heroes have been attacked by bandits, and Sir Smarmalot there is trying to ride to the rescue?) and he seems to be genuinely trying to help.

Not faulting Power Girl here, but perhaps it would have been more productive for her to just refuse to move and give the Chivalrator a talking-to about his assumptions rather than, you know, drown him.
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Given that in context the guy who is trying to pick her up is part of a band that's busy trying to kill the rest of her friends?

Throwing him into the lake? Pretty damn rational. This is not a guy with chivalrous intentions.
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Yeaah, it makes sense to assume the bandit trying to carry you off isn't going to be a gentleman and drop you off unmolested at the nearest nunnery.
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I'm just going take a moment here to point out that the place where nuns live is commonly called a convent, as opposed to a nunnery (which can mean... something else entirely, and not somewhere you're likely to be dropped *unmolested*, if you get my pun-intended drift - google search "shakespeare nunnery" if you haven't heard of this before, and I apologize for wasting your time if you have heard it).

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On reflection, no I kind of am faulting her, because she just threw a heavily armored man into a lake and that seems a bit of an overreaction.
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She threw him headfirst! Who knows how deep that water is? He might just break his neck.
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Yeah, that was my first thought. She drowned him!
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Tangent- The Catholic Church maintains that the Pope Joan story is apocryphal; given that the folk version has her decption being discovered only because she *gave birth* during her *coronation procession* (or whatever it's called) tends, in my mind, to lend credence to this.

It is an amusing story, even if the moral is "Oh those crazy wimmins, can't keep their legs closed, no wonder we shouldn't let 'em join the clergy."

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I actually wasn't familiar with that aspect to the story. The version I had in my head (which, doing some research, I might have conflated with the basic idea of that story, and that Pope they dug up because they suspected foul play and found a suspiciously nail-shaped hole in his head) was Cardinal gets elected Pope, reigns for umptity-ump years, dies, after death, examination of the body reveals, "Oh snap, a Popess!" with the result that the Catholics design a chair with holes to check for dangly bits in their future popes (also apparently not true, and Catholicism gets a little less hilarious). Thanks for enlightening me!
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It was real enough to necessitate the custom of handling the new Pope's balls(I'm not sure when they ended it but) to declare he was a male.
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Not really, whilst there are a couple of thrones with holes in the seat, they predate the "Pope Joan" legend, and have never been used to check gender.

The two most common versions of why there were used were that they were some sort of system for quietly going to the potty during long Masses without needing to stand up and walk out, or that they were holdovers from the Roman Empire (perhaps used for birthing of the Empress and other high ranking nobles) which the early Church co-opted to enhance their links to the Empire.

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...So the pope actually :doesn't shit in the woods?


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Not just the RCC. Historically it's bunk, with pretty much no evidence whatsoever. It's too.. Convenient. To not be a folktale, or more likely, a deliberate work of propaganda.
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Mmm, based on the specific WAY Peej is getting P.O.d (calling it a "line," saying he was "picking" on her) I'm going to assume there was something about his tone or expression that led her to strongly suspect that "carry thee away" was a euphemism for something. Flinging him in a lake may be justified.
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Could this page LOOK more Wally Wood? It could not.

Also note: the way Wally drew PG's most notable physical characteristic. Yes, they are big, but big in a NORMAL way, and they are shaped like, well, part of her chest.

This is the reason subsequent portrayals often suck. Not because they're huge but because they're also stupidly drawn.(Amanda Conner would be one exception)
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Awesome find XD
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A guy once opened the door for me.
I punched him in the face.
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That's because it's not "gentlemanly" to hold the door open for guys.
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You are above this, Kirke, above and beyond.
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On the contrary, I was always brought up that the only courteous thing to do was to hold the door open for anyone who might benefit from not having to open it themselves. Whether they were male or female, young or old it just seemed the polite thing to do. (My sisters were taught the same thing too)

As the old exchange goes

"I hope you didn't hold that door open just because I'm a lady."

"No, I held it open because I am a gentleman."
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Indeed, despite the fact that I'm a lady, I always hold the door open to whomever is behind me. I also give my sit up for elderly and pregnant women.

Because I'm a lady. Now, where the bloody hell is my effing crumpet?!
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On the contrary, I was always brought up that the only courteous thing to do was to hold the door open for anyone who might benefit from not having to open it themselves. Whether they were male or female, young or old it just seemed the polite thing to do. (My sisters were taught the same thing too)
That's the rule I go by, too.

And I always say thanks when someone does the same to me.

I mean, I s'ppose if a guy made a show of running ahead of me so they could hold the door for me, in a situation where my hands were free; I'd be weirded out and mildly insulted but that never happened in my experience.

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but that never happened in my experience.

Same. I think holding doors open is only a gendered thing in the US. I *have* had men insist that they walk next to the curb while I walk on the inside though.
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Not at all actually. In a normal everyday scene, I live in New york and people tend to hold the door for you no matter if your male or female. It's just a way to be polite/nice in a quick matter and keep people from being slammed in the face by heavy doors.

[personal profile] whitesycamore 2011-10-04 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I do that too, and I've never been questioned for it.

But I'm a small and inoffensive appearing young lady. I expect people tend to assume my motives are benign.
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""No, I held it open because I am a gentleman."

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you know, I've no idea what your point is.
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The point is a lie.
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Does that mean the point is made of chocolatey goodness? Because then I'm very interested in it.

Though still confused.