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Dude in Distress - The Penguin overthinks it a little? Plus a bonus...

From Batman 43, where Batman faces the Penguin...

I include the opening page just because it has the Penguin in pirate gear fencing against Batman with his umbrella and frankly, we need to see more of that sort of madness IMHO.

Anyway, during the course of a series of literary bird themed crimes ("Four and Twenty Blackbirds", Long John Silver's parrot Captain Flint in "Treasure Island", and "The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs") he manages to capture Batman and Robin, and then...

Ozzie old bird, it's a very cool deathtrap in it's way, and you've worked your theme into it very nicely but, to paraphrase the Joker in "Mad Love"; if you have to EXPLAIN your deathtrap to that level of detail, you've probably failed in your deathtrap. (Never mind the rookie mistake of walking out on your deathtrap before it can, y'know, actually achieve it's goal. Imagine if the arrow had missed Robin, the Penguin would have been TERRIBLY embarrassed when he got back.)

Full marks to Batman for innovative use of his environment to save Robin and free himself though....

And it that wasn't enough, we have random classic old school imperilment in another story in the same issue, as Robin seems about to roleplay "The Perils of Pauline".

Now that scene's not in the story, but there is random "Smash and grab" of the Boy Wonder...

The clearly took fare-dodging VERY seriously in Gotham back in the 40's.

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I find it odd that between the two, Robin isn't the one in the bird cage in that first story (although *this* Robin has been in one before...).
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Ahh, the golden age of Robin in peril.

I agree with Aeka, I wanted to see Robin in a bird cage.
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Très Bien! Now my day is complete. Thanks.
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This is great and awesome.