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Well, be the change you want to see and all that

I made a comm for casual MCU discussion! No srs bsns, no content aggregation, just homegrown grass-fed USDA-certified organic shitposts.

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[NEWS] Five notes on French in Canada: Montréal, Ontario, Welland, Manitoba, New Brunswick

  • La Presse notes that the bilingual greeting "Bonjour-Hi" is becoming more common in Montréal.

  • This Ottawa Citizen opinion-writer was entirely right in noting that the Ontario government should not try to eliminate minority language rights and institutions for budgetary reasons.

  • This TVO article about the forces facing the École secondaire Confédération in Welland is a fascinating study of minority dynamics.

  • This brief article touches on efforts in the Franco-Manitoban community of Winnipeg to provide temporary shelter for new Francophone immigrants.

  • Francophones in New Brunswick continue to face pressure, with their numbers despite overall population growth and with Franophones being much more likely to be bilingual than Anglophones. CBC reports.

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Sorry for the short notice, but I won't be around for movies this week. Next week should be good, though!
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Recent fic on a general theme

But first, a very important question: This Ward gifset - which Iron Fist episode is that from? It's gotta be season one, but I can't figure out who he's talking to. That smile tho'.

It looks like the poll leaned overwhelmingly towards linking and/or crossposting fic, so I will start doing that again! I don't even remember why I (mostly) stopped. I think it was just pure laziness.

So here is a roundup of the recent Iron Fist hurt/comfort ficpocalypse, which is mainly the result of me finishing up several fics I was writing for various prompts/requests. Posted in the last week or so:

So Little Space, So Much Time (3000 words, gen)
Tumblr prompt fic, for the request "Ward and Danny, restraints and bad memories." Set post-S2.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (4100 words, Danny/Colleen + Ward)
Danny mistakenly thinks Colleen is dead. Set post-S2.

Truth or Consequences (3400 words, Danny/Colleen)
Danny on truth serum is pretty much normal Danny, just chattier. Set between seasons 1 & 2, after Defenders.

Postcards from Asia (2300 words, Danny/Colleen + Misty)
Danny's sprawling handwriting sent a jolt of familiar bittersweet pain through her chest, the way so many things around the former dojo did these days.

Takes Its Course (9500 words, Danny + Ward)
After escaping from imprisonment, Danny goes through drug withdrawals; Ward is along for the ride, and forced to deal with certain aspects of his past.
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Find Me Everywhere

It's been awhile since I made one of these posts, so I thought it might be a good idea to post links to the various places you can find me nowadays.

[twitter.com profile] settiai: Twitter is the place where I'm most likely to be found. I have the app on my phone, so - unless work is ridiculous - I'm usually online throughout the day. My account's public, so anyone can read my tweets, but I do try to limit the number of people that I follow to keep my timeline from becoming too overwhelming.

[archiveofourown.org profile] settiai: All of my fanfiction and vids can be found on the AO3, and they're all tagged accordingly if you want to search for anything specific.

Patreon: All of my original fiction is posted to Patreon for supporters before I post it publicly the following month.

[instagram.com profile] settiai: Random pics. Mostly of cats. And dice. Oh, and sometimes food.

[pinboard.in profile] settiai: All of my fic bookmarks are posted here, tagged with fandoms, ratings, characters, and relationships.

If you have Discord, my username is Settiai#5661. Feel free to add me!

There are a few other sites where I technically have accounts (Tumblr), but I'm not using them at the moment so there's not really any point in following me there. I'll post again in the future if that changes.
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Unhappy Easter (horrified for Sri Lanka)

Well, this is not what I was planning yesterday. Today’s post was going to be a simple “Sexy Bunny Day” with a pair of cute guys. But I didn’t get that done; it seemed so simple that I put it off. And then I was in a bad mood today even before I heard about the bombings in Sri Lanka.

(I started over with Carrot because the clothing I wanted for Hugo didn’t fit & I lost patience. Also, I was angry about a thing.)

I haven’t heard if any group has claimed responsibility, but this soon after the Christchurch shooting, it occurs to me it could be ostensibly Muslim militants “retaliating” against Christians. I hope not, but if it is, and for future reference: Blowing up churches is haram; it’s bad; it’s not Muslim; I don’t care what those clowns in Boko Haram say. Yes, I know that I’m the worst person in the world to say what is halal & what is haram, but you know I’m right.

(Man, I actually hope it was the Buddhists this time.)

Anyway, this is a stupid little render, and it’s late; but I decided to sort of keep up Sexy Bunny Day and use the Sri Lanka colours.
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Unwanted Religious Experience

Folks who've been on our personal filter for a while already know about this, but it's been going on long enough that I feel like it's time we posted publicly about it: for roughly the past four months, we've been having an "unwanted religious experience." (In quotes because we accept that's kinda a flaccid term for what's been going on.)

It's long and weird. )
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(no subject)

 Still on the lookout for a WisCon roommate, if anyone else is having last minute issues there.  I have a pplace but it's cramped s hoping something less-cramped comes up.
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Dear Not Prime Time writer

Not Prime Time is taking signups 'til the 30th if you want to join in! Details at the link.

Dear writer: thank you for writing for me! I love all these canons and if you loved writing it, I'm sure I'll love reading it. All my prompts are merely suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it.

General likes: hurt/comfort (tropey or understated, both are good!), fluff, angst with a happy or at least hopeful ending, found family, curtainfic/domesticity, characters hanging out together (getting drinks, playing games, etc), casefic/action, presumed dead, missing scenes, futurefic, loyalty, enemies to friends, bickering/banter, AUs, ultra tropey tropes (e.g. bodyswap, soulmates, amnesia, etc)

DNWs: character death (death fakeouts are great, though), incest, unrequested non-canon pairings (including canon pairings is always fine), A/B/O, tragic or hopeless endings.


Iron Fist )

Defenders )

Agent Carter )

Punisher )
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From "Living With a Wild God"

"The worst possible relationship between humans and some mystically potent being or beings, at least the worst that I can imagine, would be no symbiosis but parasitism.  Plenty of familiar creatures cannot live on their own; they require hosts, and, interestingly, some of them are capable of modifying the behavior, and possibly also the thoughts and feelings, of their hosts.  For example, a flatworm, Leucochloridium paradoxum, infects normally shade-loving snails and prompts them to crawl into the sunlight where they may be eaten by a bird, which then becomes the flatworm's next host.  A paraisitic wasp compels its spider host to spin an unnatural kind of web that will be used to house the wasp's progeny, not the spider's.  Some parasites even manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters that can act on their hosts, perhaps even inducing an insect version of ecstasy.  Certainly the highly asymmetrical arrangement proposed by Eckhart--between a relentlessly procreative God and the humans who serve as its hosts--looks very much like parasitism.  If so, those who think of themselves as 'enlightened' may in fact have been infected and, in some hideously intimate way, used."

--Barbara Ehrenriech, Living With a Wild God, pg. 231-232

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[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: loonie, Alberta, Jess Guilbeaux, Grindr and Blued, The Matrix

  • CBC reports on the controversies surrounding the creation of a loonie one-dollar coin celebrating the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality.

  • Daily Xtra reports on the consequences of the election of Jason Kenney and the rise of the UCP to power in Alberta for LGBTQ people.

  • This VICE interview with Queer Eye subject Jess Guilbeaux on her experiences being black and lesbian in Kansas is inspiring.

  • This Radiichina article, noting American concerns over Chinese ownership of Grindr, looks on China's similar and arguably more successful app Blued.

  • This fascinating Vox article by Emily Sandalwood looks at how the Wachowskis represented the trans experience in the Matrix trilogy.

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[ISL] Five #islands links: St. Vincent, Orkneys, Hong Kong, Kiribati, Manus

  • The Inter Press Service reports on efforts to keep the fisheries of St. Vincent active, despite climate change.

  • This Guardian report on the sheer determination of the librarians of the Orkneys to service their community, even in the face of giant waves, is inspiring.

  • I am decidedly impressed by the scope of the Hong Kong plan to build a vast new artificial island. The Guardian reports.

  • This Inter Press Service report about how the stigma of leprosy in Kiribati prevents treatment is sad, and recounts a familiar phenomenon.

  • That Behrouz Boochani was able to write an award-winning book on Whatsapp while imprisoned in the Australian camp on Manus island is an inspiring story that should never have been. CBC's As It Happens reports.

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[NEWS] Five #indigenous links: Nunavut, Haisla, Ken Hill, McGill Redmen, New Richmond

  • This MacLean's feature examines how, twenty years after the formation of Nunavut, some Inuit are considering new ways to make governance work in their interests.

  • This National Observer article looks at how one Haisla band government sees hope in the construction of a pipeline, one that would provide the community with needed revenue.

  • This Toronto Life feature by Michael Lista looks at the struggle by Six Nations-based businessman Ken Hill to avoid paying child support, using Indigenous sovereignty as a barrier.

  • This National Observer article looks at the successful campaign, led by student Tomas Jirousek, to get McGill University to drop the name McGill Redmen for their sports team.

  • CBC Montreal looks at the efforts to improve Indigenous representation on school curricula in the Gaspésie community of New Richmond.

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[NEWS] Five politics links: Ontario, Québec, California, Buttigieg, Brazil

  • The shameful cuts to the Ontario public library system speak volumes about the attitude of Doug Ford towards education. The Toronto Star reports.

  • Will this spring's flooding change the relationship of people in Québec to waterways like the St. Lawrence? CTV reports.

  • That the failures of infrastructure of Pacific Gas and Electric can be linked to so many catastrophic wildfires in California, and that nothing has been done despite this, shocks me. VICE reports.

  • This Olivia Nuzzi profile of Pete Buttigieg and his presidential campaign at New York Magazine makes me like him all the more.

  • This Open Democracy analysis of the amendment to the constitution of Brazil that sharply limits government expenditures, requiring unthinking austerity for the next two decades, is compelling.

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So much for spring, it was fucking hailing earlier today.

I spent most of this afternoon watching the entirety of Russian Doll instead of working on a story submission that's due at the end of the month.

And now I'm sitting here, staring at this story, and the little bastard tells me it's perfectly happy being 1,400 words and doesn't want to be expanded to 3K, the minimum for submissions to the antho I've got my eye on.

I gotta write something, but I'm so fucking tired. And there is nothing to eat in my apartment that doesn't require preparation, which is by far the worst part of Pesach for me. I keep saying "I'll make" and then not making anything.
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[NON BLOG] Me in the #Vogvault, 686 Queen Street West

I owe thanks to the woman who, when I visited the John Fluevog shoe shop at 686 Queen Street West, took three photos of me posing in the in-store trompe l'oeil Vogvault. A room tilted 90 degrees to the side can be uncomfortable, I'd think.

Defying (?) gravity in the #Vogvault (2) #toronto #queenstreetwest #fluevog #trompeloeil
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Five Weapons (Fandom Trumps Hate Fic)

Five Weapons Niko Leandros Learned to Use Before He Could Legally Drink (And One He Refuses To Even Consider)

Rating: T
Warning: Canon-typical violence
My gift for Tommygirl as part of the Fandom Trumps Hate exchange.

They requested some Niko POV and hurt/comfort. Cal Leandros has been one of my favorite series for a long time, so I'm so happy I got this prompt and I really loved writing this. I think I may have gone a bit heavy on the hurt tho...
It's mostly focused on book one and pre-book one events, although there are spoilers for some of the later books mixed in.
--Read more... )
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[PHOTO] Ten photos of Queen Street West, Yonge west to Dufferin

Early Thursday afternoon, I took an extended walk west along 'a href=Èhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Street_(Toronto)#Yonge_to_University">Queen Street</> from Yonge towards Dufferin. Spring is here, but it is not here just yet; the grass is green but the trees have not yet sprouted new leaves. Can it really be only two weeks until the first cherry blossoms appear?

Looking up #toronto #oldcityhall #queenstreet #queenstreetwest #sky #clouds #clocktower

Toronto City Hall from the immediate west #toronto #torontocityhall #cityhall #queenstreetwest

Looking north, Spadina at Queen #toronto #spadinaavenue #spadina #queenstreetwest #streetscape

"This Is Paradise" #toronto #queenstreetwest #cameronhouse #cameronstreet #mural #blue #yellow

We _do_ live on a fallen world far from the love of God ... And yet #toronto #queenstreetwest #tacobell #cheetos #restaurant #food #tacos

501 Queen mural #toronto #queenstreetwest #denisonstreet #mural #501queen #streetcars #ttc

$C 1 coffee and blocks #toronto #queenstreetwest #cafenuna #restaurant #coffee #wood #blocks

Towards Trinity-Bellwoods #toronto #queenstreetwest #trinitybellwoods #parks #gorevaleavenue #spring

Condo under construction, Queen and Ossington #toronto #queenstreetwest #ossingtonave #condos #construction #blue

Looking south on Sudbury Street #toronto #queenstreetwest #parkdale #sudburystreet #curve